Angry Birds Transformers has hit the App Store worldwide

Announced back in June, Angry Birds Transformers was made available by Rovio for iOS on Tuesday. Notably, the new Angry Birds game will arrive for Android on October 30. “Autobirds, roll out! Angry Birds Transformers is launched today in Apple App Stores around the world, with the Android version on Google Play to follow on October 30th,” states the Rovio blog post on Wednesday.

Angry Birds Transformers will according to the Finland-based game maker feature a battle between the Autobirds (inspired by the Transformer’s Autobots) and the Deceptihogs (Decepticons).The side-scrolling mobile game is very different from previous Angry Birds games, and features the popular Angry Bird characters running and using a range of different weapons hitting targets in the background including the pigs, buildings and more.

“With Angry Birds Transformers we created a totally new action packed gameplay experience, where the player gets to jump into action either on their feet or on wheels”, said Jami Laes, Executive Vice President of Games, Rovio Entertainment. “This is of course just the beginning and there’s more to come! As with all of Rovio’s games, there will be exciting updates with new content and features coming in the future.” If you want to buy Angry Birds Transformers Gems, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

The game is free to download, but there’s some optional in-app purchases. To complement the action, Hasbro has released a line of Angry Birds Transformers Telepods, which players can teleport into the game to gain unique powers.

The side-scrolling mobile game is very different from previous Angry Birds games, and features the popular Angry Bird characters running and using a range of different weapons hitting targets in the background including the pigs, buildings and more.

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The Crew 2 Inner Drive Update Introduces a total of 20 new vehicles

Ubisoft has announced that The Crew 2 Inner Drive, the fifth free major update, will arrive today on all platforms. The free update will go live on PS4, Xbox One, PC and will also debut on Google Stadia, the latest streaming service by Google. Players will be able to drive brand new cars, take part in brand new events and customize their vehicles with all-new customizing options added to the game.

The Crew 2 Inner Drive introduces a total of 20 new vehicles, available for players to earn or purchase, including the brand new Koenigsegg Jesko 2020 (Hypercar) and the latest Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2020 (Street Race). Players can compete with these vehicles in the weekly LIVE Summits to race to the top of the leaderboards. Additionally, once a month, challengers will have the opportunity to take part in a Premium LIVE Summit that will reward the best competitors with a unique, special edition vehicle.

Players who have moved to Google Stadia will have access to The Crew 2 base game and all the major updates from years one and two. The official press release states that user interface, texts, graphics and associated functionality of the game have all been redesigned for the screen size of the phones and the game will automatically adapt to each platform used. The Crew 2 on Google Stadia also supports Stream Connect.

With Stream Connect, players will be able to stream their friend’s in-game view directly onto their own game. With the help of this feature, players will be able to tell exactly where their friends are within the race in a game where every second counts for the victory.

Inner Drive will introduce a brand-new feature called Hobbies into The Crew 2, but details on what exactly this new feature may be is a mystery. The feature is expected to launch “in the coming months”, so we’ll be sure to keep you up to date when this feature is revealed.In addition, Inner Drive will also bring new features such as Air Nitro, balancing and handling tweaks, bug fixes, and more! Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy The Crew 2 Items from at a reasonable price.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Has Brought Back A Classic Mode

Season 3 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare has been live for about a week now, and Infinity Ward clearly intends to keep the good times rolling. As always, the developer updates the game about once a week with a ton of fixes, tweaks, and new ways to enjoy the FPS.

This week, we’ve seen some pretty exciting new content hit both Modern Warfare and the free-to-play spinoff Warzone. There are new weapons, an all-new way to play Warzone, an incoming Double XP Weekend, and the return of a classic Call Of Duty multiplayer mode in the form of Modern Warfare: Drop Zone.

Longtime fans of the franchise might remember that Drop Zone was first introduced in Modern Warfare 3 back in 2011. It hasn’t been a consistent staple of Call Of Duty games since then, so it’s always nice to see it make a return every now and then. Activision describes Drop Zone as a “team objective mode”, with plenty of mayhem and a real focus on strategy and teamwork. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap COD Points, you can visit our website


At its core, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Drop Zone mode focuses on holding objectives. Teams of players need to work together to take and hold “drop zones” which appear around the map. Because you earn points for every player in the area every second, good teamwork is especially important. As such, if you can get your whole team into a drop zone, you’ll earn exponentially more points than if you claim one alone. New drop zones are marked with red smoke and the same marker as Care Packages; this means that you should always be able to see where they are.

Like Hardpoint and other objective-centric modes, teamwork is the key to success in Drop Zone. After all, players are rewarded for holding drop zones as a team. Plus, nearby teammates make it much easier to claim Care Packages. However, players clustered together in a drop zone can be very vulnerable to certain Killstreaks. Given that any Killstreak can be in any Care Package, losing teams have plenty of opportunities to turn the tables unexpectedly.

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Nookazon Is Like Amazon makes all Animal Crossing: New Horizons items easy to get

It didn’t take long for Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s extensive in-game economy to escape into the real world, with social networks filling up with requests for rare recipes, or invitations to islands where turnips are selling high. A new site called Nookazon takes this to the next level, offering Animal Crossing players a platform to buy and sell in-game items for bells and materials.The site acts as a go-between where players can find each other for transactions, though most of these sales seem to be organized over Discord once the two players have connected. Nookazon also operates a Discord server to make setting up a sale even easier.

Not just limited to items and recipes, Nookazon also seems to be doing a roaring trade in villagers, catering to players who are very specific about who they want to live with.Nookazon isn’t the first site looking to help players make economic connections outside their normal circles. There’s also a Turnip Exchange, where players looking to play the Stalk Market can find islands where turnips are selling high–for a price. To visit one island listed at the time of writing as having a turnip sell price of 615 bells, for example, the island’s owner asks for a 99,000 bell fee.

That level of player dedication has already been taken to one of its logical extremes. On April 9, Redditor cockspicious shared with the Animal Crossing subreddit that Nookazon, a “marketplace to trade items, crafts, and share wishlists,” was open for business. Since, Nookazon has understandably seen a meteoric rise in attention and use, with some tweets about the fledgling site’s very existence getting viral attention in just the past couple days. Nookazon functions much like it’s ubiquitous seller marketplace inspirations, with sellers listing furniture, exotic creatures, and more for sale prices at their discretion, scheduling online meet-ups with buyers, and exchanging bells, items, or even characters for their goods.

Animal Crossing’s titular villagers are also for sale. Twitter user kwinsii documents the exorbitant prices for which fan favorite animal Raymond is being sold by lucky users, meanwhile characters widely considered unattractive or otherwise unpleasant are being offered for bells on the dollar. Taking advantage of soon-to-be former residents’ last day on players’ islands, animal trading is an exploit that’s been around as long as Animal Crossing has had online functionality, and Nookazon has taken the practice to the mainstream. Some uninitiated players are half-facetiously comparing this growing animal trade to real-world human trafficking, making it the dark side of Nookazon. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Animal Crossing Materials from at a reasonable price.

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Brewster will be added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has no shortage of loveable animals, shop owners, and traveling vendors like Saharah and Kicks, but players have noticed some subtle hints that another fan-favorite character from the franchise might migrate to your island in a future update.Recently discovered in-game dialogue references a dapper pigeon who sells coffee out of his cafe called The Roost, so is it a hint that Brewster will be added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon?

Twitter user @sylvidia shared a video of their villager engaged in conversation with Fang, the cranky wolf with the bedroom eyes and much love for holiday sweaters. Their dialogue seems to directly reference something that isn’t in the game yet. “Can’t say I know much about art… But I like that there’s some in the museum here for me to gawk at,” Fang says. “I just kinda stand there for a bit starin’ at each piece, tryin’ to look real thoughtful-like, cha-chomp.”

If you’ve taken even a cursory tour of your island’s museum, you know Fang is speaking nonsense. There’s a fish wing, a fossil wing, and a bug wing, and that’s it. However, all previous Animal Crossing museums have had art sections, and it’s taken some players by surprise that they can’t buy art pieces to donate to Blathers or proudly display in their own homes. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Animal Crossing Items, you can visit our website

Either Fang is betraying the fact that, not only does he not know much about art, he’s never even gone to the museum, or this particular piece of dialogue was supposed to surface once the museum gets an art section. Or some localizer made a mistake and brought some dialogue over from a previous Animal Crossing, but a lot would have to go wrong to make that happen.

Adding art collections to Animal Crossing: New Horizons would make for a lovely update, especially since that top floor of the museum is suspiciously empty right now. It could also mean the return of Redd, the visiting fox merchant who is always happy to sell you priceless art (or a convincing counterfeit).

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The N95 mask is an invaluable line of defense against the novel coronavirus

For health care workers, the N95 mask is an invaluable line of defense against the novel coronavirus. These highly protective respirators can keep doctors and nurses from getting infected by their patients, but the world is quickly running out of them. While global production is ramping up, the shortage of N95 masks is so great that companies, unions, and even average people are scrambling to fill the need. And now, after a number of fortuitous events, millions of N95 masks are appearing in mysterious or unexpected places.

The latest discovery comes from the Service Employees International Union’s medical workers division (SEIU-UHW). After an extensive search, the union found a distributor with a supply of 39 million respirators that it plans to sell to hospitals nationwide. The situation is more complicated than connecting a buyer and a seller, though. The SEIU has refused to name the distributor, apparently out of concern that the company would be overwhelmed, and one of the hospitals that considered buying the N95 masks through the union seems to have walked away from the deal.

It’s great news that more N95 masks are being unearthed. Improving access to personal protective equipment (PPE) stands to save the lives of health care workers treating patients with Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reportedly considers recommending that everyone cover their faces in public, the N95 shortage could become even more severe as more people seek out the precious respirators. And if you want to Buy Medical Mouth Masks, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

While discoveries of thousands or millions of lifesaving masks are good news in a pandemic, they also draw attention to a supply chain that’s been badly mismanaged. The situation also raises the question of why unions, banks, tech companies, and others have taken it upon themselves to find masks for health care workers. Shouldn’t the federal government be dealing with this?

Even though millions of N95 masks have reportedly surfaced this month, health care workers will need millions more in the coming months. And to some extent, all of these recently discovered masks are adding to feelings of confusion. One big question that keeps popping up: Which stockpiled N95 masks are still usable?

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Windows 10 first major feature update for 2020 is now in development

The next big update ’20H1′ for Windows 10 has been finalized, as we already know, but Microsoft is planning to test the update for another few months before rolling it out to the general public.In November 2019, Microsoft said that Windows 10 20H1 will be known as version 2004 when it is released to consumers. Windows 10 version 2004 is much bigger than Windows 10’s November 2019 update and it also comes with several nifty improvements.

With Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft is introducing a new version of Cortana, and it’s not exactly good news if you enjoyed using the digital assistant. The new version of Cortana is focused almost exclusively on productivity, and it’s losing capabilities related to music, smart home control, and other third-party functionality. What’s more, Microsoft is killing Cortana on Android and iOS, as well as on Windows 10 versions that have reached the end of support.

As part of version 2004, Windows 10 is also building a new tablet experience for 2-in-1 convertible devices.The new interface allows users entering tablet posture to stay in the familiar desktop experience without interruption, and a few extra improvements, such as increased spacing between Taskbar icons. Search box on taskbar collapsed into an icon. File Explorer switches to touch optimized layout. And touch keyboard auto invokes when you tap text fields.In addition, as a result of these changes, the tablet section in the Settings is gaining new changes. If you are in lack of Windows 10 Pro CD Key, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

We’re still not too sure when the Windows 10 20H1 release date will be, though the name ’20H1′ means we’ll be getting it in the first half of 2020.In the past, major Windows 10 updates that are released in the first half of the year are usually released in April, such as the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, though last year we saw the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, due to delays.So, the smart money would be on an April or May 2020 release, but Microsoft could always surprise us.

Regardless of the release date and name, the Windows 10 20H1 update will likely bring a load of new features to Windows 10 – certainly more than the relatively low-key Windows 10 November 2019 Update, anyway.

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Escape from Tarkov Update 0.12.4 Patch Notes live for PC platform

A brand new patch has hit Escape from Tarkov, bringing a rework to Interchange, the new ‘overweight’ system, and much more. It’s an exciting time for Tarkov players as a huge patch has hit live servers, bringing some of the biggest changes to the game yet.Patch 0.12.4 is shaking up the game with a new overweight system which completely changes the ability to carry items. Meanwhile, Interchange has been reworked, other features have been added, and of course a ton of bug fixes.

Walking up to an extraction point while having a fatigue debuff on yourself is not pleasant at all, as you may become a victim of so-called extraction campers, which, generally speaking, might be the most beneficial thing to do at this point.But, shortly after the release of 0.12.4, BSG has realized that further tweaks need to be adopted to assert player’s comfortability. Therefore, the overweight mechanic is now tuned down, alongside other changes that have been achieved in the past couple of hours.

This new weight feature is coming alongside a slew of changes in patch 0.12.4, with the most notable changes including a rework to Interchange and stamina being split up into upper and lower halves. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap EFT Roubles, you can visit our website

Although, the focal point is definitely on overweight and the fact that skills are being reset. Strength and Endurance are the two skills being reset, likely because they both affect movement, the ability to carry items, and stamina.If players were able to have their skills maxed out when this new feature was introduced then they’d barely feel it and as the game is still in beta, Battlestate Games no doubt want to get a good test on any features they add.

The new patch update will fix several bugs too. According to the official statement, no major features will be added. Escape from Tarkov is currently unavailable, the game will be unavailable for three hours. And after the server maintenance period, a new patch will be deployed for the PC platforms. Stay tuned, we will be updating you with the latest related news.

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Temtem will have a Nuzlocke game mode

Currently in early access, Temtem, the creature catching and battling game looking to take on Pokémon with an MMO approach, will have its 1.0 launch next year. This news comes from a content roadmap revealed by developer Crema. Recently the studio released a short-term roadmap for the game but now has provided players will a full scope for what will be happening right up until release and a bit after that.

In Winter 2020, there will be around 30 new Temtem, a second mythical Temtem, dojos that players can “conquer and hold,” as well as improved ranked matchmaking and spectator mode. In spring 2021, Temtem will port to consoles and the game will officially have its 1.0 launch, as well as the release of a cosmetics store, an end-game island, and quests that’ll repeat daily and weekly. Summer 2021 has a nuzlocke mode slated for release, as well as a third mythical Temtem, and a cosmetics battle pass. Both the cosmetics store and the battle pass will cost real life money, not Temtem’s currency. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Temtem Pansun, you can visit our website

In its mid-term roadmap, Dojo Wars, trading houses, console ports, an endgame island, a store, a battle pass, and a nuzlocke mode are planned. So, let’s go through these one by one. The Dojo Wars will let players battle and conquer a Club Dojo, and there will be one of these buildings on each island in the Archipelago. Clubs will be able to challenge the current Dojo leaders on a weekly basis, by jumping into tournaments and battling with and against other Clubs in “predefined time frames during different days based on the Dojo they want to capture.” Once a Club takes a Dojo, they may decorate it and earn rewards for the time spent defending the building. Like Gyms in Pokémon Go, but with extra conditions for battle.

This all follows the short term roadmap they released yesterday, letting players know about a bunch of the things they want to get into the game throughout this year – including lots of new Temtem and some brand new islands to explore. Conveniently, both the roadmaps are available on the same post, so if you want to read the rest of the details you can catch ’em all over on Crema’s website.

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World of Tanks VR blasts into SynthesisVR arcades on September

SynthesisVR is adding another big gun to its arcade lineup: World of Tanks VR. We first played this official spinoff of Wargaming’s online game last year (SimCity creator Will Wright once called it an online shooter for old people.) However, Synthesis will be giving the game a global rollout via its arcades on September 13.

World of Tanks VR is designed from scratch for socially interactive and competitive location-based entertainment with 2 – 4 player matches. With intuitive controls that maintain the realism of a tank battle, players use their motion controllers to steer, drive, aim and shoot. Like the original WoT, each tank has unique characteristics that come with its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the light and nimble LTTB tank for a major mobility advantage but be wary if you come face to face with the slow but heavily armored and powerful IS-3. For balanced play, start with choosing the medium T-144 tank. Players will enjoy these gameplay dynamics even more in teams of 2 as they use the hilly terrain and winding road to stage their ambush. Realistic maps are filled with obstacles, shelters and tons of destructible objects making it a blast just driving the tank and blowing things to smithereens. If you need Buy World of Tanks Gold, you can visit our site

World of Tanks plays a little differently than you might expect. Instead of simulating a realistic tank cockpit, players find themselves sitting on top of their war machines. They then move the vehicle a little like it were a remote-controlled car. While perhaps not as authentic as some might hope for, it does provide fun arcade-style combat perfect for, well, arcades. Battles consist of two to four players choosing between three tanks across three maps. We’ve got a brief look at the game in the below trailer.

At launch players will be put to the test with prizes up for grabs at local arcades. Sadly there’s still no word as to if Wargaming will ever release a home-based version of World of Tanks VR. We’d certainly welcome the game on PC VR headsets. Wargaming’s mixed reality division, Neurogaming, is also doing experiments in AR and beyond.

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