FIFA 18: What’s The Consequence After Cristiano Ronaldo Left Real Madrid?

If Cristiano Ronaldo moves away from Real Madrid this summer, it will be one of the most surprising moves in football history.

Seemingly pretty settled at a club that have just successfully defended their Champions League crown alongside the La Liga title, CR7 is undoubtedly the most famous football star on the planet.

But while a world record transfer might still be a while away, there are probably a good few people at EA Sports praying the Real Madrid star doesn’t move.

Why? Well, as this year’s cover star for their upcoming FIFA 18 game, it could lead to some drastic and rapid changes in the way the game is released.

We’ve previewed what a potential Ronaldo move away from Los Blancos might mean for the release of FIFA 18.
How will it affect him as the game’s cover star?

Ronaldo was announced with great fanfare as FIFA 18’s cover star.

Most tellingly, he was pictured in his Real Madrid kit – meaning if he were to move away, you’d expect a hastily arranged photoshoot in his new strip.

The actual printing of the covers won’t be a problem – if he were to move it would be before September at the very latest.

If this was the case the manufacturers could wait until anything is official before pressing the print button in the factory.

Will it impact The Journey 2?

This might be the thing that is making EA Sports sweat the most right now.

We know Cristiano Ronaldo features in The Journey 2, with heavy rumours that Alex Hunter will be offered a move to become a Galactico.

Which means the story line that Hunter goes on would feature Ronaldo becoming a team-mate.
This could be problematic – either EA could decide to pull that part of the storyline entirely, or risk an unauthentic experience by leaving Ronaldo playing for Madrid.


Obviously becoming the cover star for any FIFA game is a big deal, and there’s a lot of publicity that goes alongside it.

Ronaldo is likely to have already agreed public appearances for EA Sports alongside the launch of the game, but whether or not he moves and how that will impact it remains a mystery.

Whatever happens, it will be a very interesting, and probably nervy, time ahead for a few departments at EA Sports.

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Analyze Benefits & Negatives of NHL 17

NHL 17 from becoming the latest updates over, there is a great need to look at all of the major game modes. The game modes are good building blocks for the future? Those who need to be improved in despair? Here is a review of NHL 17 comes in. The first exit is a series of team-based, making it the most popular NHL 17, EA Sports Hockey League.

EA Sports Hockey League (known EASHL), team up with other players around the world. Where to build a multi-player, it has become necessary to have a set of players who can work together to perform a certain role. If the players mesh together, grinding the open in many different areas, unlockable players, and more awaits!

NHL 17Benefits

EA Sports Hockey League NHL 17 is easily more fun online. The chance of getting on the ice and work together as a team to move interfaces suitable for those who play games with their friends. If you do not have friends on the Internet at a certain time, you can play low with other players around the world. There are many different types of players, and is based on the use of a decline in big games to try out new builds.

NHL 17 features many cosmetic additions to the game, which is directly linked to the achievements on the ice. When you turn on the ice, playing a local team in the arena without the fans crowd cheering you on. All levels of your team and winning games, you can open the largest squares in various cosmetic additives. This system is a good reward for players who play hard and win games. Although the team did not have much to win, there is still only open during the game.

Another advantage EASHL is the work they are doing on the Mode. There have been several updates EASHL this year, including new unlockable, the goalkeeper is changed, change the class skater, and more. The presence of the developer team committed to making one of the best roads NHL 17 best refreshing. We expect big things EASHL years ahead in terms of customization.


It is taken from EA Sports Hockey League NHL 17 to move in the right direction. As good as it has been for customization, it is set in stone and EA bring new unlockable make the Mode more personal EASHL still a new player to build. With all the new additions will be a few negative disturbing.

First things first, the objective EA Sports Hockey League and brutality. There is little to no ability to predict the goalkeepers on the Internet, which makes it very difficult to get good at this job. Goaltending is basically half luck, half skill. If you do not have one or the other, it is likely that there will be a number of goals allowed.

Along with goaltending, there are a lot of mistakes. It is not a game EASHL If the player does not freeze and get stuck in the net, even the goalkeeper. Although these deficiencies occur randomly and evenly between the teams, and it is frustrating to have to deal with them. Hopefully these vulnerabilities fixed NHL 18 so that a clean play.

EA Sports Hockey League general

With all the positive and negative one, I would say for the EASHL is more good than bad going for it. Although glitched enjoys around, and have a very smooth, and there is no real end in failure mode can be scored. The main thing is clear, and EA developers to build what they did this year?

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How to Build a Unbeatable Team in NBA Live Mobile


When the calendar flips to July, it can only mean one thing: It’s time for some basketball!
Okay, not normally, we’ll admit. But thanks to EA waiting until the real NBA season was over to drop NBA LIVE Mobile on us, that’s what we’ll be doing on our phones and tablets for the rest of the summer. The game zoomed right toward the top of the App Store upon its release, so it obviously isn’t bothering too many mobile gamers to be playing hoops out of season.
The basics of gameplay are not too difficult, but building the best possible team can be a little trickier. Since that’s one of the big focuses of NBA LIVE Mobile, a little instruction may be in order — and we’re happy to give it.
Read on and you’ll find out how to put together a squad that will make the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors green with envy. Yes, even with Kevin Durant around.

There are levels to this, or tiers, rather
NBA LIVE Mobile uses the time-honored tradition of precious metals to give you a quick glance at how good a player is. In general, gold players are better than silver, which are better than bronze.
Players are marked with one large number to signify their overall skill level, but you can tap on their shields to see how their talents break down in six areas: speed, dribbling, 3 pointer, shooting, defense, and passing.
There are also elite or special event players that are even better than gold, and you’ll be able to identify them by the red names and numbers on their player cards.

Five lineups to fill
In one of the more non-intuitive aspects of NBA LIVE Mobile, you aren’t nearly done once you’ve put together a good starting five — or even a 12-man squad, for that matter. Instead, you have to fill five different lineups, each of which grants different bonuses.
Two-Way: Passing and Defense
Small Ball: Speed and Dribbling
Defensive: Speed and Defense
Big Man: Defense and Shooting
Shooting: Shooting and 3 Pointer
Each player can only be used in a particular lineup, as indicated by the colored icon on his player card. Yes, this means once you get Russell Westbrook, you can only use him in certain events. That’s just the way it goes.
The important thing to remember is that you want to keep looking to improve all of your lineups, meaning players you acquire, especially early on, may be more useful than you think.

Bust some packs
The easiest way to fill out your roster is simply to buy packs of player cards in the in-game store. They can be purchased using coins that you earn from gameplay or by completing achievements, or by NBA Cash, which is the game’s hard currency and needs to be picked up using real money.
A quick tip: While the Pro Packs are affordable, NBA LIVE Mobile almost always has a promotion with better packs that are only around for a limited time. So save your coins, because those packs are generally worth it.

Other places to find players
Packs are far from the only places to beef up your roster. You’ll win players flat out from certain Live Events, and many different players, including elite ones, can be had by trading in trophies and other players to complete Sets.
If you have your heart set on a specific NBA star in particular, though, or need to fill that last elusive spot in your Small Ball lineup, the place to go is the ‘Auctions’ tab. There you’ll be able to bid on athletes other gamers have put on the block, and there’s a search function (found at the very top of the auction screen) to help narrow down the choices you see.
Trophies and collectibles can also be won at auction, and of course, you can auction off unwanted players and items too in order to build up your coin balance. Utilize all these tools in conjunction and you’ll be sure to conquer the court that much faster.

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Playing MyNBA2K18 to Gain Unknown Benefits

If you share the same character with me, that is, you are willing to spend a lot of time when you like something. off course, you will eventually find a way to prove its legitimacy in the end. I have discussed with my parents about the emphasis on the research of the article, saying that video games may be beneficial to the response of the human brain and the coordination of the eyes / hands. Later, the study pointed out that, according to student athletes statistics, a student athlete is likely to dominate the business world; I just want to use these data to convince my parents that I should be allowed to go outside to play as long as I want, Is this important as learning? having spent so much time playing MyNBA2K18, i found that i can get some reasonable benefits when playing MYNBA2K18 on this little application on the phone. If i do not have any other benefits, playing a defensive role in the game is also a very happy thing. your behavior will be judged by Your parents, spouses, colleagues or any one else who think you are too interested in your phone. therefore,I’ve summed up the 10 hidden advantages when playing MyNBA2K18.

I’ve already written about how much I love the addition of teams in MyNBA2K18 (shout out to my squad, ‘Forum Super Team,’ look out for us next RC, we’re going for top 10!). Having 14 other people relying on you in events gives you some semblance of responsibility. If you’re on a really good team then you and your teammates will help each other pro cards by giving discounts or send each other RP when you are in desperate need of hot streaks. Being a part of a team always has its ups and downs, filled with both triumph and drama; all things that are frequently experienced in relationships and the business world.


Understanding of Market Value
Not every MyNBA player takes advantage of this, but many do. If you have a card that you want to auction away then it’s in your best interest to do some research in the Auction House to see how much you can get for the card. Sure, it’s more likely to sell if you list it for a low price, but who wants to rip themselves off of some extra RP? List the card too high and you waste time having a card sitting in the Auction House that isn’t going to be purchased. On top of all the basics there’s much to be learned from the MyNBA card economy in general. MyNBA players closely monitor card value and get to see the effects of supply and demand (pulled a card that’s going to be an RC reward? LOTS of demand for that card!). especially when a new tier comes out, every card instantly changes in value. Studying market value in the app can absolutely help people understand real-world economics.


I used to always hate math, it was my least favorite subject. I had a hard time learning math in class because it was so boring, meanwhile I was actually learning math outside of school without even realizing it. I would study my baseball cards religiously, pouring over statistics for my favorite players (Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson were my two all-time favorites, hall-of-famers in back-to-back classes!). Once I realized math was okay and helped me understand things I was interested in, then (and only then) I paid more attention in class. I believe MyNBA can help do the same for a new generation of kids that couldn’t care less about math class, yet they meticulously construct spreadsheets detailing how many game nights it takes to beat the RTTC, complete with the exact amount of Hot Streaks needed and numerous other statistical factors, like whether you’re playing +4s, 10s or 14s. Ever calculated how much RP you’ll actually receive from selling a card in the Auction House? Math. It may seem trivial but I think this app can help pique people’s interest in math.


Exercising Self-Control
Anyone with a bank account that’s plays MyNBA has been tempted to spend money on the app. I don’t have access to the official data but I’d bet the majority of (active) MyNBA players have spent at least some money on the app, if not this year than last year or the year before. In this situation you have to exercise self-control. Buying packs in MyNBA is highly addictive and you can learn a lot about yourself by how you handle those kinds of situations. Will you let your momentary emotions run rampant and go on a spending spree, or can you foresee the inevitable buyers remorse and hold off? While the spending issue is a negative aspect, you can turn it into a positive if it helps you learn/retain self-control.


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NHL 18: How to Perfect Your Passing

Passing is an indispensable part of hockey and EA EA SPORTS NHL 18 is no exception. Passing allows a team to move an ice ball faster to the ice and Allow a team to maintain the ownership of the puck over a long period of time. Passing is an art. It can be creative, open up new paths and scoring opportunities, or it will not be there.

NHL 18

There are five ways to improve your performance in NHL 18:

In order to perfect your passing in NHL 18, it is important to understand the basics of the pass. To make an on-ice pass, aim the Left Stick at the player you want to pass the puck to and press ‘R2’ on PlayStation or ‘RT’ on Xbox. The longer you hold the pass button down, the more power your pass will have. Click on the pass button to execute a shorter pass and hold it for longer passes.

The key to passing is to make sure you have a clear pass route.The passing route is the path between the player you are passing and the player who is passing. By removing obstacles on the pass line, your teammates will have a greater chance of receiving your pass.

Sometimes there are no available channels. If you can’t find an open channel to pass the puck to the player, you can create one in a variety of ways.

To create a passing lane, you can try skating to an open spot on the ice to change the angle of the pass and force the defender out of position. Also, using the Right Stick, you can change the angle of the pass by pulling the puck onto your backhand side or forehand before making the pass. Using a combination of these techniques will allow you to create new passing lanes and hit your targets more effectively and efficiently.

Saucer passes are one of the more difficult mechanics to master but they allow you to thread the needle and connect with passes that otherwise would have been intercepted. Saucer passes are completely manual however they allow you to lead your teammates so they receive the pass in full stride and get a step ahead of defenders. You can do a saucer pass by using ‘R1’ on PlayStation or ‘Right Bumper’ on Xbox.

The use of a flying saucer can create a new pass, which will lead to more shooting and scoring opportunities.Learn how to effectively use a UFO pass to a target player who has a pass through the pass line that is critical to improve your passing in NHL 18.

One of the most important things about passing is to make sure you don’t do exactly the same every time. If you make your passing lanes and patterns predictable,Your opponent will begin to cover more of these lanes.Make sure you are changing your passing routes and habits in order to keep your opponent guessing your next pass.

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Grab Rebounds in NBA 2K18

A lot of people have different solutions in order to get more offensive rebounds, but I’ve recently plugged in to run the terminator until you reach 95 and unlock the judges coach mark. After you get that logo, Offensive Rebounds are a joke.

Placement is everything. If the opportunity increases, always try to keep it between the opponent and the opponent. Then I’m in his wound, in time for your recovery and run a few toes to my defensive side. Also try not to be boxed up because it’s hard to get through a box.

NBA 2K18

Box out
Rebounding is all about positioning and anticipation, as well as the easiest way to keep the most effective situation in order to get a table that is out of your box. If the aid is needed for him, let more basketball stars come out of the box with the greatest opponent of the backboard. It is possible that it will be described as a huge guy hooking up all the panels, so pay attention to them instead of faster participants can pay off.

Focus on the Trajectory of the Ball
Rebounding can be about expectation, consequently having a sense of where the baseball is currently going to go will give you a leg up around the opposition. Like, shots hitting the leading of the edge straight on will deflect right back, and so forth. And also this implies when creating your go on to snag the board you must consider length, level, and speed of the jump under consideration. Many participants just jump directly up and be prepared to obtain the rebound, but it will depend on where the baseball is headed, which means you might have to back up or run for that rebound.

Use 2K Camera Angle
The angle of each camera has its unique advantages and disadvantages, 2K cam is experienced in the flight of basketball and angle of all aspects of the rebound, better. Use 3 zoom anywhere, except for the maximum angle of 10 peak.

Pay Attention to the Position of Your Teammates
When two people are ready to bounce back, you want to be the reverse part of your teammate, so that when the ball is right or left, you will certainly keep a position to get the table. If your teammate is in, go on a few legs back and the opposite side to be in location to get a longer deflection.

And then what I’m doing is to stimulate the orange juice if you just want to get the offensive backboard to get the offensive rebounds. After that I’d dribble up to a few feet in front of half-court and move onto Justice. Then I’d inform my participant to slice by pressing triangle on Xbox on Y or PS4. When he’s nearby the holder, push circle on PS4 to pretend the pass on Xbox. Then take the basketball with Justice from a few feet in front of the half court brand. You will probably overlook, so following delivering it attempt to have the recovery and switch back for your player, you’ll take a fairly great situation to do this.

Another strategy for the rebounder is always to stick to your offensive end of the ground the entire game. When Justice gets the ball, spam square on PS4 on Xbox to produce him toss up a half court shot. You’ll function as one that is only there and acquire a straightforward offensive rebound. Clearly, this sacrifices teammate grade and your protection.

If you’re trying to get all the glass solution badges, I’d propose placing several displays every ownership to acquire bruiser badges and the brick wall until there’s about 8 seconds left around the shot-clock. Subsequently sprint beneath the basket to ready for an opportunity to go up. Try to get the highest position to get offensive rebounds as mentioned above. I will set up a backup master sign once he gets an offensive rebound. I will also perform the defense acquisition, the exit will soon have to split the flag after the start of the required defensive rebounds, if you do this strategy.

Hope this helped! Want more NBA 2K18 gameplay guides? There you have it, here’s everything you need to know when grabbing a rebound. For more NBA 2K18 help, be sure to check back with mmoc for guides, tips, and wikis. Please stay with mmocs where you can use special coupon code for discount when you buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT coins service.

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NBA 2K18: Making Money In Auction House

In the previous article, we have shared some tips on how to win the NBA 2 K18 MT moment challenge. Do you want to get the NBA 2 K18 MT  quickly and easily in the auction house? ? Today we will share a great plan to achieve our goals . Using this simple method, the gains will depend on your activity and market position. You will want to know how to get enough MT  in the auction house, look at the tips and tricks below us

NBA 2K18

First, you need a sufficient MT. to take into account that the investment will bring you a good income. After a period of time, the more investment, the greater the potential for income.

The cards that come from the Pack Market are always in demand, since players are trying to complete their collection, and they contain some of the best players. There will always be some new challenges for you to participate in, and high-demand cards on the market since NBA 2K18 follows the trends of the official NBA season. You need to be aware which cards are in demand at the moment. For example, if there is a moments challenge that requires that you use Chris Paul and make 20 assists in one game, his card will have a high demand on the market. Many players will buy those cards off the auction house without checking their current market value.

Consider writing down all your purchases and calculating them. You should avoid the mistakes, as they may be costly. Check the average price of the auction house and the search target card. You should consider buying card below average. After selling these CARDS, but please remember that 10% of the listing fee. Your selling price was 10% higher price, you pay the card, combined with their own profits. You can free to sell CARDS back to 20-30% in order to obtain more stable income .

The word “Snipe” refers to how players can buy high-quality cards for lower the price. Basically, players will be spending as low as possible for the best cards in NBA 2K18 MyTeam. If players buy high-quality cards at a low price and then resell it at its normal price in auction block, then players will earn more NBA 2K18 MT than what they’ve spent. The more cards that you snipe and sell back, the more you will earn. Naturally, the auction house is much more active in the evening and on weekends, so take that into consideration.

If there is a need for an active challenge, for example, in the market, all 4 king squad players will have a higher demand, Especially low ranked players because they are cheap. In this case, buy some cheap King players and some simple resale profits .

After that, all you need to do is to be patient because the results don’t come out as soon as you expect. How do you feel about this approach? Be sure to continue to focus on more “NBA 2 K18″ news, tips, hacks and Cheats.

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NHL 18 Tips: Defending the Blue Line

In EASHL, One of the biggest skills a team needs is defending the blue line. It is difficult for a top team to enter the offensive zone and the game can win or lose in the neutral zone. This is a very simple thinking process. And blue line defense reduce scoring opportunities.


All 5 skaters play a role in defending the blue line. Top Clubs have very good forechecks but when they realize it won’t work in some situations, they’ll usually drop to the 1-4, where 1 player challenges the puck carrier and the rest protect the blue line. Even when you’re on the Penalty Kill it’s still very possible to protect the blue line.

The backbone of the Blue Line Defense is the defenseman. They have to read the opposing skaters AND see where their teammates are to figure out where the gaps are and close them.

If you notice your defensive partner step-up to make a play on the blue line, its important for the weak side defenseman to move towards the middle of the ice. This will put them in good position to defend a 2 on 1 should your defensive partner miss AND you’ll have a head start if the other teams tries a dump and chase.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO FOR THE BIG HIT!! A defenseman’s job is to ‘get in their way’. If you can’t take the puck away in your 1 on 1 battle don’t worry. Stay close and slow them down until a forward can help on the backcheck. Slowing the puck carrier down can also be enough to force a teammate of theirs offside.
Adapt to your teammates. In a club you should get used to what your defensive partner likes to do. If you play with help, it will be more difficult. Depending on what they are doing, you may need to adjust your style. If they like to attack, you will want to back more. If they are willing to back down, you have to be more aggressive than traditional against your hockey player.
Hopefully these NHL 18 Tips helped you guys out, any comments or feedback are welcome. The easiest way to show your support is a simple like and comment on my video. Special thanks to SGO for giving me this opportunity and happy hockey!

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NBA 2k17 Locker Codes Released

NBA 2k17 is just around the corner and new news are coming every day. But, there has been a rather huge development this week when the NBA 2k17 MT Locker Codes were leaked on Twitter.

This news has brought happiness to all of the NBA 2k17 Pre-Order holders as they will be the first to play the game when released.

Locker Codes for NBA games started from NBA 2k16 as they improvised the key feature in the select menu. Previously, they were used by developers like EA to offer up bonuses and trading points to distract the gamers from ongoing bug repairs. However, the trend of Locker Codes caught on and now reportedly NBA 2k17 Locker Codes are leaked.

ALL NBA 2k17 Locker Codes Released? Or it this just a scam?
There have not been any official claim by NBA2k or 2k Sports that all of the locker codes are out. In fact, the way we see it, it would not be a smart move to release the Locker Codes for NBA 2k17 this early. However, the head of 2k Sports tweeted something that seems to confirm that NBA 2k17 Locker Codes are in fact released.

2k Head Ronniee2k tweeted the NBA 2k17 Locker Codes that could also be used in NBA 2k16 improve player experience.
The locker code will be used to unlock high rated players or legendary cards or free items and free bonuses. More NBA 2k17 Locker Codes will be released in upcoming weeks before the game is actually released.

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How do you catch rare Pokemon?

The Nearby menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen shows how close a Pokemon is to you. When hunting the rare ones, you’ll want to track the creatures that appear greyed-out behind a silhouette. These are Pokemon you haven’t caught yet, and thus they aren’t recorded in your Pokedex. The closer the Pokemon is to you, the fewer footprints you’ll see underneath the silhouette (3 footsteps = 300 metres, etc).

Make sure to keep the Nearby menu open and then circle the Pokemon you want to capture by clicking on it. The circled silhouette should shift up and down based on proximity to you (the more right and down the silhouette is, the farther it is from you). If the Pokemon is moving down the menu, walk away to see if it gets closer. Pokemon listed on the Nearby menu are always close by, so keep trying and looking.

Now, check out this guide to learn how to catch a Pokemon in general. For rare Pokemon, try to get the ring around the Pokemon as small as possible before flinging a Poke Ball. The smaller the ring, the more likely the Pokemon won’t escape from the ball. If the Pokemon does escape, just fling several Poke Balls at it before it has a chance to run away. That and pray to the Poke Gods is about all lower-level players can do.

Higher-level trainers upon hitting Level 7 can grab Razz Berries from PokeStops. Feed these to wild Pokemon to make them less likely to run away or escape Poke Balls. At Level 12, you can use more powerful Poke Balls (like Great and Ultra Balls). Wild Pokemon of all levels have difficulty escaping these balls. And if you feed a rare Pokemon a Razz Berry first, then fling a powerful ball at it, you’ll likely be successful.

Are there any other tips and tricks?
Rare Pokemon change from location to location, and it depends on a number of factors, including player population density, proximity to certain types of landscapes, nearby landmarks, different times of the day, etc. Also, certain Pokemon dwell in areas related to their type. Psychic- and ghost-type Pokemon can be found near cemeteries, while fire- and ground-type Pokemon are more likely to appear in arid, desert climates.

Based on information culled from Reddit, Twitter, and our own experiences, here’s other tips and tricks on how to find and catch rare Pokemon:

Walk a lot, and walk slowly.
Check unvisited lanes, undiscovered locations, and unpopulated areas.
Go to locations depending on the type of rare Pokemon you want to find.
Place lures at PokeStops to lure all nearby Pokemon to your area.
Use Incense to draw Pokemon if you’re staying put in an area for 30 mins.
Look for rustling leaves in the game.
Continually check the near “Nearby” menu for Pokemon.
When you spot one, switch off the AR Camera (top-right corner of screen).
Throw a clean Poke Ball without excessive hand movements.
Make sure your phone has plenty of battery.

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