World of Warcraft Classic is adding the Darkmoon Faire on February 10th

A gathering of the exotic from around the world and beyond, the Darkmoon Faire is a celebration of the wondrous and mysterious found in Azeroth. While the Faire spends most of its time in parts unknown, Silas Darkmoon and his enigmatic employees do stop from time to time in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. When the Faire is on its way, barkers will stop by Orgrimmar and Ironforge to announce its arrival.

The first Darkmoon Faire in WoW Classic begins set up Friday, February 7 in Mulgore, with barkers appearing in Ironforge and Orgrimmar to share the news. Festivities begin on Monday, February 10 and will be available to visitors for a week before shutting down until the following month.

The latest news from Blizzard confirms: “A gathering of the exotic from around the world and beyond, the Darkmoon Faire is a celebration of the wondrous and mysterious found in Azeroth. “While the Faire spends most of its time in parts unknown, Silas Darkmoon and his enigmatic employees do stop from time to time in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. “When the Faire is on its way, barkers will stop by Orgrimmar and Ironforge to announce its arrival. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap WOW Vanilla Gold at by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

Visitors will be able to access the Faire in alternating months either in Elwynn Forest or Mulgore and is accessible to both the Horde and Alliance. Those on PvP realms will need to exercise caution when entering into enemy territory.

Blizzard has been under fire recently due to apparent mismanaging in the company and disappointing releases of their most beloved products. Overwatch 2 was announced as a quasi-sequel and was received with tepid excitement, while the release of Warcraft III: Reforged is both a critical and audience-wide failure. Classic WoW has managed to become the saving grace for many fans of Blizzard, as its launch hasn’t been marred with many controversies. While what happens next is still unknown (especially considering many players await an announcement of The Burning Crusade’s rerelease), avid World of Warcraft Classic players seem to be happy with the content they are given.

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FIFA Mobile’s Team of the Season is coming

EA announced some more ‘Team of the Season’ news on Thursday, revealing the details for FIFA Mobile’s TOTS, which will start on Friday. This is the first year of this iteration of TOTS, obviously, as it’s the first time the mobile app has run a full FUT cycle.

The TOTS program runs for seven weeks, from May 19th all the way to July 3rd. It will focus mainly on Europe’s five major leagues: the English Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga Santander, Serie A, and Ligue 1.

For each league, there will be a Starting XI and 12 additional players from that specific league, i.e. 23 total players from each league. The releases will be on the same day as their console versions, but the ratings and stats may very well be different. The necessary tokens to complete the Plans will be featured in both Packs and Live Events; the one caveat is that the Packs can only be bought with FIFA Points.

The Plans will require TOTS Tokens and league-specific Base golds and elite players; they will be split into Starters and Reserves. Completing a Starter plan will cost more tokens/players than a Reserve plan, however it will guarantee a player from the Starting XI. The Reserve plan will reward you with a Reserve player, but it also has the possibility of being a Starter.

These Plans need the ‘TOTS Upgrade token’ you got from completing a plan, as well as the original TOTS card, plus other players (elite and maybe gold). Getting this upgrade changes the original league-only boost to all players. In the last week of the program, the XI plans that are the most popular — one goalkeeper and 10 outfield players — will be taken and then made into 98/99 untradeable players. The requirements are unknown as of now, but the stat boosts will be to all players. We will update accordingly as the news comes out. Moreover, provides Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.

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World Of Warcraft Classic World PvP honor system explained

Faction combat in WoW Classic is going to become more honorable when the PvP Honor system is enabled on November 14. Ok, it won’t actually be honorable, but it will be more rewarding. Blizzard revealed that the Honor system will arrive along with several new world bosses during the opening ceremony for Blizzcon 2019, just before announcing a new expansion for the modern version of World of Warcraft.

Back when World of Warcraft first came out, PvP was a free-for-all, limited only by your choice of server type. There was no reward for killing members of the opposing faction (aside from your own sense of murderous satisfaction), and there was no penalty either. Then the Honor system arrived. It gave you points for beating players considered your equals, no points for players who were far beneath your combat prowess, and actually deducted points for killing NPCs that were important to the other faction, like harmless shopkeepers and quest givers. In other words, it encouraged you to fight your fellow players, but not to be a dick about it. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap WOW Gold Classic at by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

For those that haven’t hit the level cap, there’s the long-awaited PVP Honor System. Players who murder other members of the opposing faction can now earn Honor, as long as their opponent is within 10 levels. KIlling the same enemy does offer diminishing returns, forcing those who want to earn the exclusive cloaks, trinkets and potions to slay as many Taurens or Gnomes as possible. To try and curb the endless slaughter of questing adventurers, players who participate in PVP will give more Honor than those that don’t. You also need to be on a PVP server to participate, allowing those who want to stay safe shelter in the world of PVE.

Even with those measures put in place, it seems like phase two of World of Warcraft Classic has turned into a slaughterhouse. PVP is normally saved for the Battlegrounds mode of WoW, where teams of players can duel, but that hasn’t been added into Classic yet. Strongholds like Orgrimaar and Stormwind, as well as safeguarded towns in zones, are being surrounded by enemies looking to earn some Honor. Leaving the safety of the NPC guards will leave you open to attack from stealth Rogues or fast warriors looking to grind some Honor points.

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League of Legends is taking a big step into the world of fashion

League of Legends’ partnership with Louis Vuitton is one of the most exciting in gaming and fans are finally able to get their hands on the premium brand’s LoL collection. Riot Games announced a partnership with luxury retail company in September 2019, much to the surprise of many as such a high-end partnership is very rare in gaming and esports.

Louis Vuitton has a history of creating these kinds of trophy cases for events like the World Cup and the French Open, and Naz Aletaha, head of global e-sports partnerships at Riot, says the developer had long wanted something similar for League’s biggest annual spectacle. “We so admire what they bring, and how they support other sports,” she tells The Verge. “They understood and appreciated gaming and e-sports right away.”

A press release that was published on Twitter revealed that these skins would bring a whole new level of couture to the game’s already outstanding character artwork. The refreshing Prestige skin for Qiyana, where fans can check out on the Washington Post, was designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, a Louis Vuitton’s artistic director for women’s collection.

Nicolas showed impressive artwork with her complete set of chic hip-hop style ensemble with laces, accessorized with large gold earrings. A belt purse that bears the brand’s logo can also be seen wrapped around Qiyana’s slim waist.

On the other hand, the outfits designed for the virtual group, True Damage, also showcase the same fresh, pop-street fashion style, with skins for all the members of the group. In the upcoming opening ceremony of the game’s Worlds 2019 final, which is scheduled to be on November 10, the actual, real-life members of the hip-hop group will perform a single called Giants. The newly added champion, Senna, will also get the label’s Prestige skin, which will only be launched at the beginning of 2020. Apparently, there will also be some capsule collections which is designed by the same label with a pipeline that stated, “inspired by Senna and Qiyana’s Prestige skins,” which will be officially announced soon. Moreover, provides Cheap League of Legends Wild Rift Accounts for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.

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Psyonix Details New Premium Item Shop for Rocket League

A new ‘Blueprint’ system will be coming to Rocket League ahead of the removal of all in-game crates and keys this December. With the changes set to ‘give players more transparency in what they are purchasing’, the previous ‘blind luck’ loot boxes called Crates will be replaced by Blueprints alongside a new rotating Item Shop in a pre-Christmas update. The Item Shop will have new items and legacy content from old Crates, but anything purchased there will be locked to the account that bought it, unable to be traded to other players.

Psyonix, the developer behind Rocket League has announced that it will be releasing the Blueprint Update on December 4. This update was first announced in October and revealed that Blueprints and Credits will replace Crates and Keys. Once the update is live, at the end of a match, players have the chance to obtain a Blueprint. Blueprints will show exactly what item can be built, for a set price.

Blueprints, like Crates, can drop with special features like Painted, Certified, and Special Editions. To build the Blueprint, players will need to spend Credits. Alternatively, Blueprints can be traded or saved for later. Any Crates that remain in a player’s inventory when the update goes live, will be converted to Blueprints from the same series. Blueprints converted in this way appear as “unrevealed” in your inventory.

There has been plenty of information released about Blueprints already from Psyonix. Blind Loot Crates will be swapped out for Blueprints where players can see exactly they will be rewarded with before deciding to make a purchase. Blueprints are awarded through completing matches and can be constructed using a new premium currency.

Rocket League’s monetisation changes will arrive as part of the Blueprint Update, which comes to all platforms on 4th December and introduces Rocket Pass 5, the start of Competitive Season 13, and a selection of freebies for all players. According to Psyonix, all cars and items from the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC Packs will be added to player inventories as soon as the update is available. Moreover, provides Cheap Rocket League Items for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.

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Rocket League will remove its paid randomized loot crates

Rocket League will remove its paid, randomized loot crates in favor of a system that will tell players what they’re purchasing before they buy. Developer Psyonix announced the news today and described it as a similar change to that made in Epic’s Fortnite.

“We are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our players all over the world,” the developer said. Information on when the change will take place is still to come. Players will still be able to buy Rocket Pass Premium, DLC Cars, and e-sports shop items directly when the new system kicks into effect.

Epic’s decision falls in line with an industry-wide movement to become more transparent when it comes to consumer purchases. On Wednesday, August 7, the Entertainment Software Association held a forum on loot boxes in video games where the three major console manufactures committed to requiring publishers to disclose the rarity of items contained in loot boxes. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Rocket League Items For Sale.

The loot box controversy has also recently caught the attention of lawmakers, a fact that Rogers said will likely keep the industry on its toes, even if it doesn’t abandon the practice entirely. “Even with these efforts, many lawmakers, regulators, and parents will likely still continue to compare loot boxes to gambling,” he said. “Major games like Hearthstone and FIFA still rely on the sale of random items and aren’t about to get rid of loot boxes anytime soon.

While the gaming community stands divided on the outlook about microtransactions, loot boxes are something a majority have been vocal about. While the governments in various countries have also been pretty vocal about loot boxes in general, Epic Games voluntarily dropping loot boxes is something that is praiseworthy. That being said, the community has been vocal about the pricing of the items in the store. They are a tad on the higher side, causing outrage by the community. Psyonix was quick to address the issue and eventually listened to the feedback by the fans by reducing the prices of the items.

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How To Farm Carbides In Warframe

Carbides are a resource in Warframe that you need to rebuild your Railjack. After building your Dry Dock, and researching and building Cephalon Cy, you will then go about finding parts of the Railjack. Unfortunately, the pieces have been discarded for a long time, and require repair.

Like the rest of the Rising Tide update, you can farm multiple missions to quickly get carbides. Eximus units are the best way to earn Carbides and players should focus mainly on Old Blood content to get Carbides easy and quick. Eximus units are powerful spawns that will have Warframe-like abilities. They can make other units more powerful, spawn shields, fire blasts and have increased health and damage compared to regular enemies.

Resource Boosters will give increased drop rates for Carbides, so if you get one on the daily login, focus it on farming Carbides while it’s active. All Eximus drop five to ten Carbides generally. If you happen to have a Kuva Lich after you, and they have some nodes on Europa, you will face more Eximus units. If you need Buy Warframe Platinum, you can visit our site

Lich can steal your Carbides if they control the specific Nodes that drop them so be cautious of this. One of the best missions to farm these Carbides outside of the Lich is on Dark Sector Defense on the Larzec node. Eximus Units on Europa also have a chance to drop Carbides, you can get between five and ten of them per drop.

Defense missions on Seimeni and Casta are also a good way to quickly encounter Eximus and get Carbides. You can also carry on endless missions on Ceres to encounter Eximus. As you get into the later waves of the endless missions, more Eximus will start to spawn.

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Rise of Civilizations has its own exhaustive alliance system

Rise of Civilizations may take place on a screen no larger than half a slice of bread, but the world it contains is vast and full of things to do.To begin with, it sees you picking one of eight different civilizations, including Spain, Britain, Japan, and Rome. From there you can more or less chart your own course through history, raining love on your own people or arrows on your opponents.

Whatever kind of ruler you decide to be, you’ll have a massive open world to govern and conquer, filled with shrines, cities, villages, barbarian settlements, and much more. The map is divided into regions, and as you make your way through the game, advancing through historical eras, you’ll open up passes through mountain ranges.
There are also areas concealed by the fog of war, which you can dissipate by sending out scouts to uncover temples, caves, and vital intelligence on your enemies. Rise of Civilizations gives you commanders based on real historic military figures, from blockbusters like Julius Caesar to slightly more obscure icons (in the west) like Kusunoki Masashige, a legendary samurai. You level these commanders up with skill trees, so it’s finally possible to build your own perfect Joan of Arc. And if you want to Buy Rise of Civilizations RSS, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

The game world is totally dynamic. Potential enemies are dotted around the map, and you can position your own troops wherever you like. Because you can have multiple commanders, it’s possible to have several squads fighting at once, either together or against different enemies in different locations, some of them AI, others controlled by human beings. The fights are dynamic too. If a skirmish isn’t going your way you can always withdraw, and you can join a battle that’s already happening if you want to help out an ally.

It’s not all fighting, though. You’ve also got a base to build and grow, with a huge number of different buildings to unlock and upgrade. You have to manage a whole mini-economy of quarrying, training, recruitment, manufacturing, logging, and more. And there’s the alliance activity, which gives you a whole separate stream of tasks and revenue and adds a nice social dimension to the gameplay.

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Elsword launched the first of a series of character Reboot

Elsword launched the first of a series of character reboots today which includes major reboots to Elsword, Rena, and Eve. These ‘reboots’ are essentially major reworks which change the way each character is played. Expect more reboots for other Elsword characters in the near future. When starting to play Elsword Online, Elsword Online ED is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in Elsword Online.

The colossal Reboot kicks off with the first round of 3 characters. However, as the Reboot content schedule rolls out, all 13 Characters and their staggering, combined 40 Job Paths (Classes) will all be effected. These adjustments will impact both PvE and PvP content; adding, revamping, and streamlining attack types, evasion, skills and traits across all Characters and Job Paths, featuring new, dazzling animations. In addition, Cheap Elsword Online Items is on hot sale at our website

To start off, the base Attack and Defense attributes for all characters will be normalized. Then, the attack types of these characters will be adjusted to focus on their designated specialty (i.e. Physical/Magic). All skill slots and skill traits of the respective, rebooted characters will be reset. New skills will be added for all Character Paths. Attack commands and the priority of these commands will be readjusted for rebooted Characters. If you are in need of Cheap Elsword Online Power Leveling, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

During the update, the base Attack and Defense of the character will be normalized. Then, the attack types of these characters will be adjusted to focus on their designated specialty. All skill slots and skill traits of the rebooted character will be reset. New skills will be added for all Character Path and attack commands will be readjusted as well.

Players level 10 and up can test out their new skills, pick up daily and weekly quests, and earn awesome rewards during the Character Reboot Event lasting until July 30. Do not miss out on these limited time events this weekend! Level 10 and up players will receive 3x the experience and unlimited stamina on July 20. Drop rates will be doubled and stamina will be unlimited on July 21. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Elsword Online Accounts from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

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Guild Wars 2 gets Build and Equipment Templates

Today, Guild Wars 2 gets Build and Equipment Templates. A long-awaited addition, the latest function addition to ArenaNet’s MMORPG gives Tyrians more options in the battle. As one of the most requested features to make it into the game, this is possibly even more anticipated than news of another expansion. Live now, this functionality comes to Guild Wars 2 as a free update and adds a huge amount of flexibility to characters in combat. If you’ve missed the hype around templates then you’ll be glad to learn that build templates are designed to all of Tyria’s Commanders to save and switch between pre-configured character configurations quickly and easily. They sidestep inventory clutter and avoid the effort of dragging out every individual piece of equipment in favor of a simple setup and swap system that front-loads all the effort of preparing your WvW or PvP character build. Players logging in to check out the new template function will find that characters now have access to two distinct types of preloaded templates, Equipment Templates and Build Templates. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Guild Wars 2 (US) Gold, you can visit our website

Build Templates are possibly the more substantial and complete components of this new update. Like Equipment Templates, Build Templates are a way for players to front-load the hard work of switching between any character setup. Guild Wars 2 actively splits its character skills, perks, and weapon skills from the equipment and stats. While equipment and stats are sequestered into Equipment Templates, the trait lines, specializations, and the resultant skill bar settings are all contained in the Build Template. And if you want to buy Guild Wars 2 (US) Items, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Opening up the Build menu finds a significant difference to the Equipment Templates. While still utterly understandable to veterans of Tyria, the Build Template screen includes a series of tabs along the perimeter of the Build menu. Each of these tabs represents an active Build Template allowing players to set a range of the game’s trait lines and skills independently of Equipment Templates. This provides massive flexibility in the way players can play any area of the game. If you need Buy Guild Wars 2 (US) Accounts, you can visit our site

In comparison to Equipment Templates, the changes to the build system adds a bunch of functionality. The new build system allows players to copy, paste, store, and share their new configurations. The slots lined along the left side of a character’s trait UI provide this long term save space, slotting away templates from any of a player’s active builds along the top of the screen. More than the ability to store, the option to share this illegible string of characters in chat, mail, and other means of communication is one of the feature’s real strengths. It makes Build Templates more like a toolbox than a containerized storage shed. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Guild Wars 2 (US) Power Leveling for players.

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