Lots of people report that NCSoft has made Aion Classic into one big “money launder”

The popularity of Aion Classic has surprised everyone. Starting with the players, ending with NCSoft itself, which turned out to be another publisher / producer completely unprepared for the premiere of their game.

Aion Classic brings back the original four main classes of Warrior, Scout, Mage and Priest with all the balance and progression of the original release, as well as the two ascents of each class. It features a slower progression, dungeons from days gone by ​​and a return to the hunting grounds of the past. However, one of the biggest changes NCSoft has made to Aion Classic concerns the balance of PvP and the siege system.

Also available beginning today is the Daeva Pass, Aion Classic’s battlepass, which provides extra quests and rewards, and its own premium currency, Quna, which can be used to purchase cosmetic and consumable items, account services, and unlock the premium Daeva Pass tier.

Thankfully the Reddit community tells me that the battle pass is essentially worthless and that the rewards are mediocre at best, making the whole thing best ignored. The subscription on the other hand is where the benefits are, as without it you get one hour of regular gameplay per day before your experience is slashed, you can’t gather anything, or trade.

Unfortunately, this whole holiday was disrupted by… Pay-To-Win. Lots of people report that NCSoft has made Aion Classic into one big “money launder” that aims to get real money from us and that will destroy the entire economy at any moment … if it has not already been destroyed.

And it’s not about a monthly subscription, but the presence of a Battle Pass (the ability to unlock all rewards at once) and paid items that can be converted into in-game currency.

While there are no doubt plenty of players taking their time to explore this throwback version of the MMORPG, NCsoft is encouraging the community to race as fast and as hard as they can in an effort to obtain a global first. Leaderboards are up on the site tracking which players are ahead in attaining the level cap, PvP supremacy, and more.

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