How to Slide or Dive to a Base perfectly in The Show 21

Simply being able to run the bases in MLB The Show 21 may not be enough to make sure your players are always safe. Sometimes, a slide or head-first dive is necessary due to players quickly trying to make a play. By learning the MLB The Show 21 sliding controls, you’ll be able to slide and dive into bases naturally. Here’s how it works or how to remove the pressure of having to do it!

MLB The Show 21: How to Slide
Sliding in the game will surely save you a lot but at the same time, if you manage to steal bases at the right time, you can score a lot of runs this way. If you wish to know how to steal bases in MLB The Show 21, you can check it out right here.

To get right to it, baseball simulation game fans that are looking to slide in MLB The Show 21 should simply hold down L1/LB as they draw near to a base and tilt the right analogue stick either up or down. For full clarity, an upward tilt will cause the runner to slide feet first, while a downward tilt will cause them slide head first. Players will need to decide for themselves exactly how they want to utilize these two directional options, though it should not matter a great deal.

How to Dive in MLB The Show 21
One of the most important parts of this new game is learning how to dive on MLB The Show 21. In all non-competitive game modes, the player will automatically dive, but in some modes, you will have to do it manually. Diving is an important part of making catches, and luckily they made that easy.

If you are controlling a player and you see the ball flying, you will need to run towards it. As you are getting closer, you will press either the right trigger on Xbox or the R2 button on PlayStation to dive. After pressing the button, the player will automatically dive in that direction.

Making these diving catches could be the difference between winning and losing. Actually, it could be the difference between throwing a no-hitter or not.

We recommend playing around with various settings and giving them a shot in the new practice mode. Just swap over to real offense and defense rather than hitting and pitching. This way there’s a chance for you to practice fielding and base running. MLB The Show gives you an incredible amount of control over difficulty and preferences and you can adjust them on the fly as you please. Finding the right combination may take some time and effort, but it’s certainly worth nailing so you can thoroughly enjoy your experience.

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