NBA 2K18 became the center of the game controversy

Over the last six weeks, the video game industry has faced a revolt from both consumers and media. Tactics built into games to generate additional revenue have infringed on their designs to the extent that publishers are now facing intense pushback. The question is whether consumer unrest, lower review scores and negative press coverage will outweigh the money they’re pulling in at unprecedented rates.

“NBA 2K18″ REVIEW: New gameplay, features allow latest edition to shine

“NBA 2K18″ is the lowest scored entry in the franchise in a decade based on review aggregator Metacritic. By all accounts, it’s a great game, except for the harmful effects that the implementation of the “Virtual Currency” has had on its design.

“NBA 2K18″ utilizes a universal currency which permeates throughout the game’s various modes. That currency is used to upgrade character skills, acquire boosts, purchase clothing and accessories and much more. Unfortunately, the game is now built in a manner to intentionally put players into positions where they will feel like they have to spend money to simply have fun or to have any chance at competing online.

It has been over a decade since the standard video game price rose to $60. In that time, however, development costs have skyrocketed, and sales numbers for most franchises have plateaued or dropped. The money made after releases has become almost as important as the initial sale. For mobile games, that’s all that matters, having gone “free-to-play.” Those games are given away with the hope money will be spent within them over time.
EA Sports has largely been able to avoid criticism of its digital-revenue strategy with franchises like “Madden” and “FIFA” by isolating microtransactions to a single mode. The team-building, card-collecting mode known as “Ultimate Team” has become the most heavily played in the games and now acts as a year-round live service. The money the company has made off Ultimate Team and its mobile titles continues to rise, and this year alone could near a billion dollars.

The effect from the current heavy scrutiny will be impossible to gauge for quite some time, though the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront II” next month could provide some insight when its launch is evaluated. A beta held earlier in October faced backlash over a loot crate system that provides considerable advantages for online multiplayer to those who spend money.

“NBA 2K18″ already had its predictably massive launch month, but poor word of mouth could affect its legs, and everyone will be watching closely for what changes have been made when “NBA 2K19″ rolls around.

The dilemma for video game publishers here is balancing the desire to make as much money as possible against consumer experience, and whether losing some unsatisfied potential customers is a sacrifice worth making given the financial results from those who continue to buy and spend within games. It’s only when the bottom line is at risk that publishers will reverse course and find another means of generating digital revenue, and it remains to be seen whether consumers will do more about it than just express their frustration online

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Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA 2k18 simulation

rior to tonight’s season opener between the LA Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, we simulated the game using NBA 2k18.

The game is just a few hours away, but we here at Clipperholics are just too antsy to see the LA Clippers play a meaningful basketball game, so we simulated it. Using NBA 2k18’s MyLeague mode, we started a new season with the “Start from today” option. We also slightly tweaked the rotations to simulate what we expect Doc to do. (Example: 2k had Sam Dekker playing over Wesley Johnson, which didn’t look to be the case during the preseason).

We only ran the simulation once and the LA Clippers came out victorious 122-101

Here are the box scores for the game:


Ingram went off, scoring 23 points on 8 of 14 shooting. Meanwhile, rookie Lonzo Ball did not have as good of game. He fouled out and only scored 5 points. He did have 7 assists though.

(Editor’s note: I notice now that Kuzma didn’t play. Doubt that’s the case in tonight’s game. Oops.)


Okay DJ. DeAndre Jordan absolutely went off. Honestly, the whole team performed pretty well, but DJ took it to another level. He somehow only managed 1 free throw, despite 19 attempts from the field. The AI must have fed him lobs the whole game. Blake Griffin also poured in 18, while Lou Williams dropped 15 off of the bench.

NBA 2k18 is crazy. While we do think the Clippers will win tonight, we don’t think that DeAndre is going to go for anything close to 28 and 15. (Although, we hope we’re wrong). Let’s just hope the results end up going in the Clippers favor.

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NBA 2K18 review,the funnest and best looking basketball game available

The NBA 2K franchise is one of the best sports games around and 2K18 has ensured that trend continues for another year.

Somehow it has improved graphically and gameplay wise from its predecessor – even non-basketball fans will be able to appreciate this extremely polished game.

However if you want to be really good at this game you will need some form of basketball intelligence. This is as realistic as sports games get you need to know to make a pass and what type of pass is best.

NBA 2K18 is the best basketball game available jam-packed with content and replayability

NBA 2K18 has stunning graphics and a realistic feel to matches and post-match presentation

And as I mentioned earlier this game is visually stunning. Not only does it play realistically but looks realistic too. Everything feels legitimate from the crowd to the commentary to even the hilarious half time interactions between Ernie Johnson Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal.

And outside of the core gameplay on the court NBA 2K18 is jam-packed full of content and modes.

The MYGM mode sees you play as a basketball player who becomes the GM o a team for six years after being forced to retire through injury.

There’s also the MyTeam mode which allows you to build squads within your salary budget using the fantasy-sports style to create a fun mode that also incorporates card trading and pack opening which is a concept familiar to FIFA Ultimate Team players.

The only real let down in the entire game is MyCareer mode. The cheesy cutscenes and annoying characters means the mode is sadly difficult to sit through especially as you can’t skip the horrendous cutscenes.

MyCareer sees you create your own character in a typical rags to riches story you always see within the sports genre. You are able to customise the appearance of you character with new haircuts and clothes and even get some new sneakers from Foot Locker.

Yet the customisation options feel limited especially to begin with. And that becomes even more noticeable when you walk around ‘My Neighbourhood’ seeing other online players’ created characters that all look similar.

The career modes have always been a weakness of the franchise but 2K18 has still done well to take positive strides in the mode and My Neighbourhood is that big step.

Walking around the streets give you plenty of options to play different types of basketball games from intense 3v3 games to fun hoop-shooting mini-games at the arcade.

You walk around in an open world populated by the characters of other online players. You have free choice to do what you you want and look how you want it feels like Journey mode from FIFA mixed with Sims.

And while this sort of mode could prove to be revolutionary to sports games this new addition understandably hasn’t been executed perfectly.

The entire aim of the mode is to level up your character to 99 overall and the only way to do that is through grinding out matches and monotonous workout minigames at the gym.

The task is too tall for most unless you spend your hard-earned cash on in-game microtransactions due to how little experience you gain.

Still those and the career mode are optional. NBA 2K18 is still a phenomenal sports game that is well worth any basketball or general sports fan purchasing.

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Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18

NBA 2K is a series that has great depth, so even though we’ve already learned about quite a few details, there are still a number of questions that are unanswered.

Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18

I and other NBA 2K game players to ask the forum about NBA 2k18 expectations and NBA 2k17 problems in Quora, we all hope that some of the problems have been improved, but also look forward to the following about the NBA 2k18 related issues can be very well resolved. and thank for the rearrangement of the problem.

Do Rookies Have Tattoos?

The question should probably be, “will all of the rookies have their tattoos?” We know Markelle Fultz has his because we can see them in the first look image 2K provided.

We’ll find out soon enough if all of the tatted rookies have their body art represented.

Can You Trade Injured Players In MyLeague And MyGM?

This wasn’t mentioned in the MyGM and MyLeague blog, but we’ll see if it was potentially just overlooked among the new features.

What Are The New Archetypes?

We don’t know for sure that there are new archetypes on the way. I expect to learn this information later this week when the MyCareer details are revealed.

Is Free Agency In MyLeague Online?

Every year, MyLeague Online moves a little closer to mirroring the offline version. Free agency is one of the features missing from the online component. It wasn’t discussed on the blog, so I’m guessing it isn’t in, but we’ll confirm ASAP.

Full Details On Creating and Editing Players

This is similar to the offline/online question, but it’s different because it also relates to player editing. Fans want to know what aspects of the existing players can be edited. Can we change the ages of the players from the classic teams? Can we edit socks and more?

Is Transition Defense Improved?

This has been an issue in the last few versions of the game. It appeared to be improved during the hands-on preview, but I’ll know for sure when I play the final build.

Are There Less Or No Canned Animations ?

Sometimes the animations on screens can be a little forced. That’s the case in a few of the sequences in the game. The new movement engine is supposed to remove those instances.

How Much VC Do You Need to Save Players in Pack And Play?

In the new MyTeam mode Pack and Play draft mode, you will have an opportunity to retain possession of certain players as you progress through the mode. It will cost you VC, but the amount hasn’t been shared. We’ll try to get specifics this week.

Are There Are Any New Parks?

There has been no mention of MyPark so far, but the Aussie leak talked about the playground. I can’t wait to find out what this means.

Can You Change Thunder All-Time Teams’ Jerseys to Sonics Jerseys?

Seattle hoops fans are still pretty bitter. They want to know if they can choose Sonics jerseys when playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s all-time team. Previously, there hasn’t been any options to pick alternative jerseys for classic teams. We’ll see if that has changed.

How Consistent Is Shooting?

I saw a lot more missed shots in my preview which were far more realistic, but again, that was not a final build.

Will There Be Offline And Online MyPlayers?

This has been one of my biggest requests over the past two years. I believe fans who aren’t interested in playing online should be able to create MyPlayers free of the fair play restrictions.

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Grab Rebounds in NBA 2K18

A lot of people have different solutions in order to get more offensive rebounds, but I’ve recently plugged in to run the terminator until you reach 95 and unlock the judges coach mark. After you get that logo, Offensive Rebounds are a joke.

Placement is everything. If the opportunity increases, always try to keep it between the opponent and the opponent. Then I’m in his wound, in time for your recovery and run a few toes to my defensive side. Also try not to be boxed up because it’s hard to get through a box.

NBA 2K18

Box out
Rebounding is all about positioning and anticipation, as well as the easiest way to keep the most effective situation in order to get a table that is out of your box. If the aid is needed for him, let more basketball stars come out of the box with the greatest opponent of the backboard. It is possible that it will be described as a huge guy hooking up all the panels, so pay attention to them instead of faster participants can pay off.

Focus on the Trajectory of the Ball
Rebounding can be about expectation, consequently having a sense of where the baseball is currently going to go will give you a leg up around the opposition. Like, shots hitting the leading of the edge straight on will deflect right back, and so forth. And also this implies when creating your go on to snag the board you must consider length, level, and speed of the jump under consideration. Many participants just jump directly up and be prepared to obtain the rebound, but it will depend on where the baseball is headed, which means you might have to back up or run for that rebound.

Use 2K Camera Angle
The angle of each camera has its unique advantages and disadvantages, 2K cam is experienced in the flight of basketball and angle of all aspects of the rebound, better. Use 3 zoom anywhere, except for the maximum angle of 10 peak.

Pay Attention to the Position of Your Teammates
When two people are ready to bounce back, you want to be the reverse part of your teammate, so that when the ball is right or left, you will certainly keep a position to get the table. If your teammate is in, go on a few legs back and the opposite side to be in location to get a longer deflection.

And then what I’m doing is to stimulate the orange juice if you just want to get the offensive backboard to get the offensive rebounds. After that I’d dribble up to a few feet in front of half-court and move onto Justice. Then I’d inform my participant to slice by pressing triangle on Xbox on Y or PS4. When he’s nearby the holder, push circle on PS4 to pretend the pass on Xbox. Then take the basketball with Justice from a few feet in front of the half court brand. You will probably overlook, so following delivering it attempt to have the recovery and switch back for your player, you’ll take a fairly great situation to do this.

Another strategy for the rebounder is always to stick to your offensive end of the ground the entire game. When Justice gets the ball, spam square on PS4 on Xbox to produce him toss up a half court shot. You’ll function as one that is only there and acquire a straightforward offensive rebound. Clearly, this sacrifices teammate grade and your protection.

If you’re trying to get all the glass solution badges, I’d propose placing several displays every ownership to acquire bruiser badges and the brick wall until there’s about 8 seconds left around the shot-clock. Subsequently sprint beneath the basket to ready for an opportunity to go up. Try to get the highest position to get offensive rebounds as mentioned above. I will set up a backup master sign once he gets an offensive rebound. I will also perform the defense acquisition, the exit will soon have to split the flag after the start of the required defensive rebounds, if you do this strategy.

Hope this helped! Want more NBA 2K18 gameplay guides? There you have it, here’s everything you need to know when grabbing a rebound. For more NBA 2K18 help, be sure to check back with mmoc for guides, tips, and wikis. Please stay with mmocs where you can use special coupon code for discount when you buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT coins service.

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NBA 2K18: Making Money In Auction House

In the previous article, we have shared some tips on how to win the NBA 2 K18 MT moment challenge. Do you want to get the NBA 2 K18 MT  quickly and easily in the auction house? ? Today we will share a great plan to achieve our goals . Using this simple method, the gains will depend on your activity and market position. You will want to know how to get enough MT  in the auction house, look at the tips and tricks below us

NBA 2K18

First, you need a sufficient MT. to take into account that the investment will bring you a good income. After a period of time, the more investment, the greater the potential for income.

The cards that come from the Pack Market are always in demand, since players are trying to complete their collection, and they contain some of the best players. There will always be some new challenges for you to participate in, and high-demand cards on the market since NBA 2K18 follows the trends of the official NBA season. You need to be aware which cards are in demand at the moment. For example, if there is a moments challenge that requires that you use Chris Paul and make 20 assists in one game, his card will have a high demand on the market. Many players will buy those cards off the auction house without checking their current market value.

Consider writing down all your purchases and calculating them. You should avoid the mistakes, as they may be costly. Check the average price of the auction house and the search target card. You should consider buying card below average. After selling these CARDS, but please remember that 10% of the listing fee. Your selling price was 10% higher price, you pay the card, combined with their own profits. You can free to sell CARDS back to 20-30% in order to obtain more stable income .

The word “Snipe” refers to how players can buy high-quality cards for lower the price. Basically, players will be spending as low as possible for the best cards in NBA 2K18 MyTeam. If players buy high-quality cards at a low price and then resell it at its normal price in auction block, then players will earn more NBA 2K18 MT than what they’ve spent. The more cards that you snipe and sell back, the more you will earn. Naturally, the auction house is much more active in the evening and on weekends, so take that into consideration.

If there is a need for an active challenge, for example, in the market, all 4 king squad players will have a higher demand, Especially low ranked players because they are cheap. In this case, buy some cheap King players and some simple resale profits .

After that, all you need to do is to be patient because the results don’t come out as soon as you expect. How do you feel about this approach? Be sure to continue to focus on more “NBA 2 K18″ news, tips, hacks and Cheats.

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