Genshin Impact has brought $245 million during its first month

Genshin Impact Accounts Genshin Impact was launched in late September for mobile PC and PS4 to huge success reaching top 10 grossing positions in all major markets. In the US Japan and China the game has already generated more than $30M on iOS alone and miHoYo has allegedly already offset Genshin Impact’s development costs of $100M.

Genshin Impact has brought in at least $245 million in spending during its first month on mobile alone.

These numbers also notably don’t include sales on PC or PS4 where Genshin Impact also launched as well as Android sales in China.

We recently talked about how Genshin Impact had made miHoYo $ 60 million onCheap Genshin Impact Accounts mobile in its first week of availability alone and four weeks after launch the Sensor Tower figure actually makes sense. Daniel Ahmad then estimated that in less than two weeks the takings of all versions were in excess of $ 100 million.

miHoYo has added depth to the Gacha system by introducing a duplicate economy where players can receive duplicates of characters and use them to upgrade characters and weapons. When receiving copies players are also rewarded specific currencies (Starglitter/Stardust) on top of the duplicate characters/weapons. Players can then use these currencies for direct purchases of particular weapons or characters in the store.

“The game feels and plays like a console game while ultimately being a free-to-play gacha title. Genshin Impact’s global success reflects the evolution of Chinese game development from outsourced artwork 15 years ago to full game development for the domestic market more recently and now to full game development that resonates with global markets as well as the home front.”

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