NBA 2K18 review,the funnest and best looking basketball game available

The NBA 2K franchise is one of the best sports games around and 2K18 has ensured that trend continues for another year.

Somehow it has improved graphically and gameplay wise from its predecessor – even non-basketball fans will be able to appreciate this extremely polished game.

However if you want to be really good at this game you will need some form of basketball intelligence. This is as realistic as sports games get you need to know to make a pass and what type of pass is best.

NBA 2K18 is the best basketball game available jam-packed with content and replayability

NBA 2K18 has stunning graphics and a realistic feel to matches and post-match presentation

And as I mentioned earlier this game is visually stunning. Not only does it play realistically but looks realistic too. Everything feels legitimate from the crowd to the commentary to even the hilarious half time interactions between Ernie Johnson Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal.

And outside of the core gameplay on the court NBA 2K18 is jam-packed full of content and modes.

The MYGM mode sees you play as a basketball player who becomes the GM o a team for six years after being forced to retire through injury.

There’s also the MyTeam mode which allows you to build squads within your salary budget using the fantasy-sports style to create a fun mode that also incorporates card trading and pack opening which is a concept familiar to FIFA Ultimate Team players.

The only real let down in the entire game is MyCareer mode. The cheesy cutscenes and annoying characters means the mode is sadly difficult to sit through especially as you can’t skip the horrendous cutscenes.

MyCareer sees you create your own character in a typical rags to riches story you always see within the sports genre. You are able to customise the appearance of you character with new haircuts and clothes and even get some new sneakers from Foot Locker.

Yet the customisation options feel limited especially to begin with. And that becomes even more noticeable when you walk around ‘My Neighbourhood’ seeing other online players’ created characters that all look similar.

The career modes have always been a weakness of the franchise but 2K18 has still done well to take positive strides in the mode and My Neighbourhood is that big step.

Walking around the streets give you plenty of options to play different types of basketball games from intense 3v3 games to fun hoop-shooting mini-games at the arcade.

You walk around in an open world populated by the characters of other online players. You have free choice to do what you you want and look how you want it feels like Journey mode from FIFA mixed with Sims.

And while this sort of mode could prove to be revolutionary to sports games this new addition understandably hasn’t been executed perfectly.

The entire aim of the mode is to level up your character to 99 overall and the only way to do that is through grinding out matches and monotonous workout minigames at the gym.

The task is too tall for most unless you spend your hard-earned cash on in-game microtransactions due to how little experience you gain.

Still those and the career mode are optional. NBA 2K18 is still a phenomenal sports game that is well worth any basketball or general sports fan purchasing.

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