New Elder Scrolls Online Expansion Trailer Show

Thieves Guild, The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming DLC pack, lets you join Tamriel’s elusive shadow-snuggling crew of pick pockets, burglars and general ne’er do wells. The latest trailer gives you a taste of what you’ll be getting up to. No information was shared regarding a price or release date for Thieves Guild, but Bethesda said those details should arrive in the coming weeks. For now, you can check out a new gameplay trailer above. Thieves Guild was announced during QuakeCon 2015 (via Polygon). It is one part of developer ZeniMax Online’s efforts to keep the game fresh, and will be followed by another expansion, The Dark Brotherhood, later this year.

The game was originally released on PC last year to mixed responses. Of course, a lot can change in MMOGs over the course of a year, Elder Scrolls Online Gold and while ZeniMax Online Studios hasn’t branded the console release as a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn-style re-invention of the game, the steady stream of major patches represent somewhat of a course correction. And while many improvements have been made to The Elder Scrolls Online, they only serve to remind us of how inconsistent the game’s base structure.

In the spirit of the guild, the games that made our list of best free PC games are a STEAL. Bethesda has released the first trailer for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Thieves Guild DLC pack, providing a brief look at what players can expect from the upcoming larceny-themed content. As the name alludes to, the expansion will allow players to join the Thieves Guild. This is a group of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves–the tagline for the expansion is “Play dirty, get away clean.” The expansion also adds a new zone, more story-focused content, and a 12-player mode.

Announced today via an official blog post, the latest DLC will come in two parts – the Thieves Guild expansion and a base game patch, which brings with it scrolling combat text and a new 64-bit client for PC and Mac, among a number of other technical features. Here’s the guild itself (very briefly) in action. Tamriel Unlimited will be available with the 6 major content updates that the game has already received, which includes veteran dungeons and adventure zones, and party-based challenges. The rulesets for various campaigns across the world have been rebalanced and retooled, and improvements have been made to armour customisation and the facial animations of characters.

It’s a fun distraction at first, but the second you pay any real attention, you notice that characters have the emotional range of a lower-tier soap opera and that every line of dialogue is pure exposition devoid of spark. There is enough voice acting to make Star Wars. The Old Republic jealous, but the stale dialogue invites you to zone out every time a character begins to speak. So while I can remember each of my thrilling adventures in Tamriel because the active engagement payoff is so high, I remember snatches of character names here and there but too few details of my ultimate purpose. Even characters who make promising introductions fall flat when the game keeps insisting on telling you about them instead of showing you who they are.

When the expansion arrives, you’ll assume the role of new recruit at the Thieves Guild, Buy ESO Gold where you’ll take the streets of new area Hew’s Bane which includes Abah’s Landing, your new employer’s HQ. Also included in the pack is a whole new zone, 12-player raid, new quests and storylines, and a host of new criminal activities players can join. When The Elder Scrolls Online launched, we along with many other sites and magazines gave it a fairly negative review, with Nick calling it “a mess”. With these additions and the culling of subscription, perhaps Elder Scrolls Online is about to become the MMO it should be.