Forza Motorsport 7 is getting racing suits inspired by Gears of War 4


To celebrate the series passing an 11-year anniversary milestone, Gears of War 4 is invading Forza Motorsport 7 in the form of custom racing suits.

If you played Gears of War 4 on Xbox One or Windows 10 before October 31, Turn 10 is giving you a free Gears of War 4-themed Driver Gear suit (pictured below) in Forza Motorsport 7. Those who are eligible will receive an Xbox Live message containing a code to download the suit. Messages will begin to go out on November 20 and may take up to two weeks to receive.

Luckily if you didn’t manage to play Gears of War 4 before October 31, you still have another chance to get this outfit. Fans who try out the free trial and play before December 31 become eligible to receive a code in mid-January.
Another pair of racing suits making their way to Forza Motorsport 7 are based on JD and Kait (top image). To acquire these suits, you’ll need to brush up on your racing skills. Two new events go live today in Forza 7’s Rivals mode. If you complete them then you will receive the suits after the eligibility window closes on November 26.

Our friends at Forza have recently released their Xbox One X Enhanced Update – and it’s a stunner. Racing around Dubai in 4K HDR for the first time blew us away, even if our Gears skills don’t translate to QUITE as much online success (bouncing off surfaces is apparently bad form in Forza!).

Whether you’re showcasing the power of your Xbox One X / Gaming PC to your friends or simply enjoying two great games on your Xbox One, you can now show your Gears fandom in both games. We’re excited to share that we’ve teamed up with Turn 10 to release some special Gears of War themed race suits in Forza Motorsport 7!

Gears of War 4 Driver Gear
Turn 10 are giving anyone who’s played Gears of War 4 on Xbox One or Windows 10 before October 31st a free Gears of War 4-themed Driver Gear suit to use in Forza Motorsport 7! Eligible players will receive a code to download the suit via an Xbox Live Message on Xbox or Windows beginning on November 20. It may take up to 2 weeks to receive your code.

If you have yet to play Gears of War 4, jump in via our Free Trial and play before December 31, 2017 to become eligible to receive a code for the suit beginning in mid-January.

JD and Kait Themed Racing Suits
These Driver Gear suits take the iconic COG Soldier Helmet and mash them together with outfits based on JD and Kait’s look in Gears of War 4. These are going straight to the top our favorite Driver Gear suits list in Forza 7 (we may be slightly biased).

Acquiring these suits will take some racing skills though. Two new events go live today in Forza Motorsport 7’s Rivals mode; complete them and the Forza Community Team will send you the suits after the eligibility window closes on 11/26 at midnight Pacific. Here’s a quick look at the events:

Title: Pushing It To The Limit

Type: Featured Rivals

Description: Like, totally get those fresh ’80s cars tuned to the max to set an awesome time!

Restrictions: 1980-89/ PI>800

Track: Rio Full

Reward: Kait Driver Gear

Title: Major Micro Track Days

Type: Track Days

Description: Don’t get shaken in your favorite Major Micro as you share the track with the Tankpool.

Restrictions: Major Micros with Tankpool traffic

Track: Maple Valley Full

Reward: JD Driver Gear

Thanks again to our friends at Turn 10 for bringing Gears onto the track. Whether we’re duking it out on the track or the battlefield – we’ll see you online.

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NHL 2017/18: Top 10 Teams Entering Week 7


It seems as if there is no room for error in the NHL. With the standings getting tighter every week, every team is basically forced to step up their game. Despite it only being the regular season, there are some games that feel like playoff matches.

These are my top 10 NHL teams entering week 7.

#10 Winnipeg Jets: The Jets didn’t have a bad week, but they are only listed at 10 because other teams had more impressive weeks than them or simply because they are just better than them. Winnipeg are still frustrating teams however. They have a 9-4-3 record with 21 points and the Jets currently sit in second place in the Central Division.

#9 Washington Capitals: It looks as if the Capitals are finally starting to get it together. They got off to a slow start but just needed some time to find quality chemistry. Alex Ovechkin has scored 13 goals and recorded six assists in 18 games so far this season for the Capitals. They are 10-7-1 with 21 points. Braden Holtby has been good too, but the defence needs to get it together.

#8 Pittsburgh Penguins: With a 9-7-3 record and 21 points, the Penguins seem like they are getting chances but the road hasn’t been very kind to them. Sidney Crosby hasn’t scored in 10 straight games, but it isn’t for a lack of trying. He just needs to shoot more. Meanwhile, Phil Kessel leads the Penguins with 22 points this season.

#7 Columbus Blue Jackets: The Blue Jackets had a rough week, but the win over the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday Night helped them salvage a spot in this week’s top 10. Sergei Bobrovsky continues to be the necessary backbone for this team. Cam Atkinson coming back from injury is a huge plus for this team. Columbus’s record is 10-7-1 with 21 points.

#6 Ottawa Senators: The Senators swept the Colorado Avalanche in the Global Series which was held in Stockholm, Sweeden. Ottawa have scored 59 goals in 16 games so far this season and their offence hasn’t been challenged so far this season which is a good thing. Their record is 8-3-5 with 21 points so far this season.

#5 New Jersey Devils: In year’s past, the Devils would have never come back from a 4-1 deficit against the Chicago Blackhawks. However, they are a different team this time around. New Jersey scored seven goals in that game and won 7-5. The Devils have scored 61 goals so far this season which is the third most in the eastern conference. They have a 11-4-2 record with 24 points.

#4 Toronto Maple Leafs: The Leafs have been without Auston Matthews for the past few games with an upper-body injury and other players are stepping up like Mitchell Marner ( 2 goals and 11 assists) and Patrick Marleau ( 8 goal, 5 assists). Toronto lead the league in goals scored with 72. However, the main concern is that the Leafs have given 63 goals this season which is the third most in the NHL. Toronto’s record is 12-7 with 24 points.

#3 Los Angeles Kings: The Kings continue to play consistent hockey which is a good thing. Los Angeles are 11-4-2 with 24 points so far this season and have only given up 41 goals in 17 games. That means they are getting quality goaltending from Jonathan Quick. (9-4-1 2.27 GAA .933 save percentage and 2 shutouts).

#2 St. Louis Blues: The Blues continue to cause headaches for opponents night in and night out. They are taking advantage of a watered-down western conference. Jake Allen (9-4-1 2.59 GAA .914 save percentage) continues to be a work horse between the pipes for the Blues. The Blues are 13-4-1 with 27 points so far this season.

#1 Tampa Bay Lightning: The Lightning’s first line comprising Nikita Kucherov-Steven Stamkos-Vladislav Namestnkiov are unstoppable right now and are playing at a championship calibre level. Tampa Bay have the best goals scored/goals against differential in the league (+25, 71 goals scored 46 goals given up) and their record reads 14-2-2 with 30 points which is the best in the NHL.

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Madden NFL 18 Xbox One X Enhancements Detailed

There have been a lot of games that are getting enhanced for the Xbox One X. Madden NFL 18 is one of these and in an interview with Xbox Wire Seth Christie the technical director on the game spoke more about what enhancements this game would be getting.

The main emphasis for this game on the Xbox One X is that it will run at 4K resolution and at 60 FPS. He spoke of how the increased visual detail allows for a smooth transition from gameplay to cinematic moments. When asked about how these enhancements would affect the gaming experience itself he responded “When you combine 4K Ultra HD constant 60 fps with additional enhancements such as an increased level of camera detail you’ll immediately notice and feel a difference in the immersion. This means that elements such as the player’s helmet and faces become more realistic –giving you the feeling that you are right there in the stadium.”

He then goes on talk about how Xbox One X has allowed the game to look more like real-life broadcasts of the sport. Christie also stated that the team at EA Tiburon will continue taking advantage of such technology to bring realistic experiences to players.

Madden NFL 18 was released back in August for the PS4 and Xbox One. You can also check out the trailer below which shows off the enhanced version of the game for the Xbox One X.
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Becoming Lonzo Ball in an impatient NBA world

What do you see when you look at him play? Do you see the playmaker averaging 6.8 assists per game, the guy who keeps the ball moving and rebounds surprisingly well, the one who is pushing the Lakers to the third fastest pace in the league, the one energized their athletic bigs to get out and run the floor, and the guy who has been crucial to L.A.s unexpected 5-5 start?

Or do you see the player who is shooting 29.9 percent this season, the one shooting just 39 percent at the rim and struggling with decisions when the defense collapses, the one that teams are sagging off and daring to shoot, the guy struggling on defense, the one searching to find his way in the half court? Do you see the player some are comparing to Ricky Rubio and are saying will never be an All-NBA (or maybe All-Star) player?

It’s a Rorschach test, the answer says more about you — and your biases about Ball and the Lakers — than it does the player himself.

Ball is both those things — an impressive playmaker and a guy struggling with his shot and defense at the next level.

Ball is a young man going against grown-ass men being physical with him nightly in a way he has never had to deal with before. NBA scouts and staffs are now getting a body of film to study, tendencies to put into scouting reports, and they will take away what he wants to do (like get back and take away the long look-ahead pass). It falls on Ball to adjust (something that didn’t happen the same way at UCLA). The good news for Lakers fans is Ball puts in the work.
Pass first point guards tend to come along slower in the NBA than their scoring counterparts, just look at the first 10 games of Jason Kidd (his and Ball’s numbers are similar). That’s especially true for pass first point guards who don’t have great shooters around them — Ball does not. Brook Lopez is the best three-point shooter among the other Lakers starters (Brandon Ingram has a nice three-point percentage overall but was just 6-of-16 shooting in spot-up situations coming into Sunday, he has to get his buckets with the ball in his hands.)

Ball was not expected to be an elite scorer, he never was (he averaged 14.6 points a game at UCLA). Yet scoring, and making better decision on when to attack and look for his shot, is going to be the first hard lesson to learn. He has to start with being more comfortable with his jumper — until he becomes a bigger threat to score teams are sagging off him and daring him to shoot. When he did, lining up a wide open three deep in the fourth quarter Sunday while Memphis was making a comeback, there were audible murmurs of concern in Staples center from fans (they were right, he missed it and was 1-of-8 from three on the night, 3-of-13 overall).

“I want him to keep shooting. I’m glad he’s not turning them down,” Lakers’ coach Luke Walton said. “I’m glad he’s trying to put pressure on the rim. The way to break through (his rough start shooting) is to keep working, at practice coming in early and get the shots up, then keep doing it in the game. Eventually you will figure it out, especially if you’ve been a good shooter your entire life.”

“A lot of shots that are open I’m getting, now I just got to knock them down,” Ball said.

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NBA 2K18 became the center of the game controversy

Over the last six weeks, the video game industry has faced a revolt from both consumers and media. Tactics built into games to generate additional revenue have infringed on their designs to the extent that publishers are now facing intense pushback. The question is whether consumer unrest, lower review scores and negative press coverage will outweigh the money they’re pulling in at unprecedented rates.

“NBA 2K18″ REVIEW: New gameplay, features allow latest edition to shine

“NBA 2K18″ is the lowest scored entry in the franchise in a decade based on review aggregator Metacritic. By all accounts, it’s a great game, except for the harmful effects that the implementation of the “Virtual Currency” has had on its design.

“NBA 2K18″ utilizes a universal currency which permeates throughout the game’s various modes. That currency is used to upgrade character skills, acquire boosts, purchase clothing and accessories and much more. Unfortunately, the game is now built in a manner to intentionally put players into positions where they will feel like they have to spend money to simply have fun or to have any chance at competing online.

It has been over a decade since the standard video game price rose to $60. In that time, however, development costs have skyrocketed, and sales numbers for most franchises have plateaued or dropped. The money made after releases has become almost as important as the initial sale. For mobile games, that’s all that matters, having gone “free-to-play.” Those games are given away with the hope money will be spent within them over time.
EA Sports has largely been able to avoid criticism of its digital-revenue strategy with franchises like “Madden” and “FIFA” by isolating microtransactions to a single mode. The team-building, card-collecting mode known as “Ultimate Team” has become the most heavily played in the games and now acts as a year-round live service. The money the company has made off Ultimate Team and its mobile titles continues to rise, and this year alone could near a billion dollars.

The effect from the current heavy scrutiny will be impossible to gauge for quite some time, though the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront II” next month could provide some insight when its launch is evaluated. A beta held earlier in October faced backlash over a loot crate system that provides considerable advantages for online multiplayer to those who spend money.

“NBA 2K18″ already had its predictably massive launch month, but poor word of mouth could affect its legs, and everyone will be watching closely for what changes have been made when “NBA 2K19″ rolls around.

The dilemma for video game publishers here is balancing the desire to make as much money as possible against consumer experience, and whether losing some unsatisfied potential customers is a sacrifice worth making given the financial results from those who continue to buy and spend within games. It’s only when the bottom line is at risk that publishers will reverse course and find another means of generating digital revenue, and it remains to be seen whether consumers will do more about it than just express their frustration online

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FIFA 18, Chelsea and Everton’s prophecy

In this series I will use FIFA 18 to simulate as well as play the next Chelsea FC match — with the difficulty on the highest level because much like Chelsea FC I occasionally like to make things difficult on myself for no reason whatsoever.

The Carabao Cup is back after a satisfying and exciting win in the Premier League against Watford so let’s see what FIFA 18 thinks will happen when Everton come to Stamford Bridge.
My shot at glory (with video commentary):

Time for the youth. I threw out all the stops with some drastic changes to the lineup. I couldn’t figure out a way to edit Everton’s lineup so they got a full strength starting lineup. I went with the following: Caballero | Clarke-Salter Rüdiger Sterling | Kenedy Christensen Scott Zappacosta | Musonda Batshuayi Willian

This is the first time I actually won in this series. I’ll take it as a good omen that my face was plastered on the screen and take the victory. Nevermind the fact I almost blew the game once again; victory is all that matters.
Computer Simulation:

I altered the AI lineup to the exact same lineup as above. The trend continued with the computer simulation being somewhat similar to my gameplay. Both are positive and the simulation is probably more accurate due to Everton’s goal scoring record.

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why the Eagles are the best team in the NFL


The Eagles approach Week 8, the midway point of the NFL season, with six wins, one loss, and a league-best five game win streak. No matter what happens in their game against the 0-7 San Francisco 49ers, they will leave the first half of the season at least tied for the best record in the NFL. How did they get here?

Carson Wentz is the team in microcosm. Most had belief in the young quarterback’s ability, most thought he would be better in 2017 with a full off-season of work as the undisputed starter. Fans who pegged him as the odds-on favorite for NFL MVP this season were in the same scarcity as before. Perhaps in hindsight Wentz’ improvement is less surprising. He was already ahead of schedule once: when the 2016 season opened and he guided the Eagles to a 3-0 start just a week after Sam Bradford was traded.

As expected from the quarterback, Wentz’ play has been the catalyst for the early victories. His ability to extend plays inside the pocket has bought time while the offensive line rotation solidified. His timing on deep balls to Torrey Smith, Nelson Agholor, and most recently Mack Hollins has turned into touchdowns. From his opening weekend touchdown throw to Agholor to his emergence from a pocket scrum Monday night, he has broadcasters and fans alike saying “Wow” at least once a week.

The impact of the players the Eagles have lost is felt beyond their on-field performance and Doug Pederson admitted as much Tuesday: “Leaders on your football team, captains of your football team it can make an impact.” To the Eagles’ credit, it hasn’t yet. Halapoulivaati Vaitai has stepped in for Johnson against the Panthers and Peters Monday night and the offense has continued clicking. Patrick Robinson has performed admirably at inside corner and outside in Darby’s absence.

As Pederson said, “It’s definitely the next man up. The bigger picture is we have a lot of football left. We still have a game this Sunday and the season’s not over.” That attitude and ability from the reinforcements must be maintained if the team’s success is to.

Several of the injuries described above affected the special teams. Sproles was the team’s most experienced and dangerous return man. Maragos was a coverage star and captain. Sturgis coming off a season in which he set the franchise record for field goals converted. Any one of these events could have upset the Eagles hegemony in special teams excellence over the past decade, but none have.

Sturgis, injured after going 3-for-3 on field goals opening weekend, was replaced by rookie Jake Elliott, who set the franchise record for longest field goal in his second game, and made his next 10 attempts before missing late Monday night. Along the way, he set the franchise record for 50-yard field goals in a season. In October.

After Sproles’ season ended in the same Giants game where Elliott’s legend was born the Eagles turned to a former role player, Kenjon Barner, to fill the void. In his second game back with the Eagles Barner won NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance returning punts against the Cardinals, which included a 76-yard return. In their first game without Maragos, the Eagles’ coverage unit allowed Washington to average just 18 yards per kickoff return and eight yards per punt return.

After the season began with 39 pass attempts and just 20 carries by running backs in the first game the same critiques surfaced. It’s a feeling strengthened by the fact that Pederson is seen by many as an extension of Andy Reid and the former Eagles coach’s predilection for the passing game is well established.

As the season has progressed nothing has been further from the truth. Perhaps it’s a function of their role preserving the lead in many games, perhaps of the fact that their bye is yet to come, but the Eagles rank second in the NFL in rushing attempts and just 14th in passes thrown. Which running back plays the lead role has changed from week-to-week, but the Eagles commitment to the running game hasn’t.

Wentz’ performance on third down this season has dominated coverage, but it’s a total team effort. The Eagles lead the NFL offensively in third down conversions and conversion percentage, picking up the first over 50 percent of the time. With that ability to stay on the field and the renewed rushing attack working for them they rank second in the NFL in time of possession with the ball in their hands an average of 33 minutes and 43 seconds a game. They trail only the Panthers. The beneficiary of all that is the defense. In a far cry from the conditions they were tasked with performing in under Chip Kelly’s hurry up offenses, they’ve been on the field for the second-lowest amount of time in the NFL.

It’s not all thanks to the offense’s ability to stay on the field either. The defense has excelled at getting off it. They rank third in the NFL when it comes to preventing third down conversions, allowing opponents to pick up the first just one-third of the time. They’re even better on ensuing fourth downs: despite having faced a league-high 11 attempts, they’ve allowed the first just three times.

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There Is “No Question” Protests Are Negatively Affecting NFL 18

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones yesterday reiterated his belief that the NFL is being “damaged by national anthem protests before games and described Cowboys’ sponsors as concerned about the perception that’s being created,” according to Brandon George of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS. He said there is “no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests.” Asked what feedback he has received from Cowboys’ sponsors Jones replied “They would have concern. I would say the word would be concern.” George notes yesterday’s win over the 49ers was the Cowboys’ first game since Jones stated any players who disrespect the flag during the national anthem would be benched. The entire team stood during the anthem and Jones said “I thought our team did just what our fans want of them on and off the field and they won.” Cowboys DT David Irving “stood for the anthem but for the second consecutive game raised his fist after it was over.” Jones said that he had “no problem with what Irving did because it was after the anthem and he didn’t ‘disrespect the flag.'” Jones: “There will be ongoing discussion on how to address the real issues. Some of the issues that have happened around the flag have taken away from what we all want to see done better” (DALLAS MORNING NEWS 10/23). Jones indicated that his “number one goal is making and keeping the NFL product strong.” Jones: “I care about a lot of things. But our ability to be substantive is based on having a strong NFL a league that people are really interested in and want to watch games. … I am first and foremost a proponent of making the NFL strong. Making us have as many people watching the game as we can and watching in light of what we are doing and that’s playing football. If all this makes you stronger to represent messages let’s don’t do it in a way that tears down the strength of the NFL”
STICKING TO HIS GUNS:’s Jason La Canfora cites sources as saying that Jones was “quite vocal” at the owners’ meeting in N.Y. on Wednesday about his “displeasure over any NFL player not standing for the national anthem.” Sources said that Jones was the “only owner to rail against the handful of players who are still regularly kneeling standing or staying in the locker room during the playing of the anthem … pronouncing his disagreement with how the NFL is policing the matter before all 32 teams.” There were “no dissenting voices or debate about how the ongoing protests were being handled” during a meeting on Tuesday attended by a select group of owners league officials players and NFLPA leadership. That “changed on the second day of the meetings,” as Jones expressed his feelings “in what sources describe as a ‘firm and forceful’ manner but restrained and not over the top.” However he did “not stipulate that he wanted the matter brought up for debate there was no discussion of actually altering any NFL policies no other owners supported Jones’s stance during the meeting and most of the time at these sessions was spent discussing how to move ‘from protest to progress,’ rather than focusing on the protests themselves” ( 10/22). In Dallas David Moore noted Jones is “no stranger to the outlier role” as he has “always been a rebel with a cause.” But this “feels different.” There were “whispers … that some of the owners were upset with Jones believing the league had begun to move past the divisive issue until Jones issued his stand or sit remarks in the wake of the team’s loss” to the Packers in Week 5 .

NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE: THE MMQB’s Peter King notes only 1.1% of the players in games this weekend heading into “MNF” did not stand for the anthem the way Jones and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell “would want.” Had Goodell “issued an edict that all players must stand and those who do not will be sanctioned either with a fine or suspension,” there likely would have been “scores of players either sitting or kneeling or performing some sort of civil disobedience for the anthem.

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Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA 2k18 simulation

rior to tonight’s season opener between the LA Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, we simulated the game using NBA 2k18.

The game is just a few hours away, but we here at Clipperholics are just too antsy to see the LA Clippers play a meaningful basketball game, so we simulated it. Using NBA 2k18’s MyLeague mode, we started a new season with the “Start from today” option. We also slightly tweaked the rotations to simulate what we expect Doc to do. (Example: 2k had Sam Dekker playing over Wesley Johnson, which didn’t look to be the case during the preseason).

We only ran the simulation once and the LA Clippers came out victorious 122-101

Here are the box scores for the game:


Ingram went off, scoring 23 points on 8 of 14 shooting. Meanwhile, rookie Lonzo Ball did not have as good of game. He fouled out and only scored 5 points. He did have 7 assists though.

(Editor’s note: I notice now that Kuzma didn’t play. Doubt that’s the case in tonight’s game. Oops.)


Okay DJ. DeAndre Jordan absolutely went off. Honestly, the whole team performed pretty well, but DJ took it to another level. He somehow only managed 1 free throw, despite 19 attempts from the field. The AI must have fed him lobs the whole game. Blake Griffin also poured in 18, while Lou Williams dropped 15 off of the bench.

NBA 2k18 is crazy. While we do think the Clippers will win tonight, we don’t think that DeAndre is going to go for anything close to 28 and 15. (Although, we hope we’re wrong). Let’s just hope the results end up going in the Clippers favor.

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NHL 18,Thrills on the ice

8 Meet EA Sports’ latest addition to the world of ice hockey gaming – there’s plenty to talk about.

It’s clear NHL 18 is an attempt to hold onto the core factors of the franchise while simultaneously opening up new facets of the game to entice a new generation of players.

With a tiered system of short sharp and helpful levels the tutorials teach you each facet of the game with ease. They weren’t just there to help me figure out the buttons – the levels were actually fun to get through.

From the roster the draft and the morale of your players through to finances game days and even upgrading the stadium toilets (which isn’t as bad as it sounds) there’s a mountain of stuff to keep you busy if you want a break before or after hitting the ice.

The expansion of options centred around the arrival of the Vegas Golden Knights creates a whole new realm of customisation to your Franchise settings and experience.

Adding a mountain of time and effort into your pre and postseason isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you can’t say the entire package isn’t there for the die-hards.

The new 3-on-3 mode works perfectly for what it’s designed to be: an arena for the casual player or fan to knock the puck around and score more goals than they would in a normal game while also being a serious game mode that incorporates single player multiplayer and online gameplay.

The arcade-style set up of the new mode gives it a real energised feel with the commentators constantly going ballistic. The fast-paced style of the game is based on entertainment pace and excitement rather than strategy.

The hits are bigger and the goals come quicker while the ‘money puck’ system adds further excitement and opportunity to win every single game.You can even play as the mascots!This is all well and good for the casual player but it’s so much more in-depth than that.

It’s not just a one-game thing. There’s an entire season and national series built around it in the game where you can play by yourself or with and against anyone online.

The system of unlocking new teams and challenges players to strengthen your team and even new jerseys to fit your bill works perfectly. It’s all based on which difficulty you’re playing on and how well you perform in the actual game as measured by a points system.

In terms of the overall gameplay NHL 18 has introduced a fancy new skill stick that is in line with the skill moves set up in the FIFA franchise.

You can dip dance and throw your hockey stick around all over the shop in any number of ways with the analog stick allowing you to create and pull off some crazy new moves to get past the opponents defenders and goalie.

It also comes in handy in defence as well: instead of just trying to lay down bumper hits and checks all the time and miss by a mile you can use the stick to win the puck in much less embarrassing fashion.

And then there’s the fighting.

The reason most casual players get onto the game (me being one of them about five years ago) is the fact you can pretty much play a boxing game inside an ice hockey game.

Not much has changed in this regard. The fighting is still very much a big part of the game but it doesn’t overshadow it which is very good.

You can grab the jersey duck punches throw a few different kinds of punches in return. It’s pretty much as good as you’ll get for a non-fighting game with in-game fighting.

The lack of a story-driven career or journey mode which has been tried with varying levels of success in NBA FIFA and most recently NFL games is a bit of a miss – simply because it’s a common and popular feature to include these days.

That said it’s not enough of a downer to take anything away from the overall game – it’s merely something they should consider in the future even if now isn’t the time.

Ultimate Team and online play have been the highlights of many recent EA Sports games and this one is no different.

The depth is insane and there’s no limit on how much you can do in the online arena. It’s almost scary how addicting it can be to continue building your Ultimate Team.

The look feel gameplay and variation of modes makes this a winner for me and while it’s not blindingly different from last year there are some really really strong changes that separate it from the past and keep the franchise rolling confidently towards future releases.

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