Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA 2k18 simulation

rior to tonight’s season opener between the LA Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, we simulated the game using NBA 2k18.

The game is just a few hours away, but we here at Clipperholics are just too antsy to see the LA Clippers play a meaningful basketball game, so we simulated it. Using NBA 2k18’s MyLeague mode, we started a new season with the “Start from today” option. We also slightly tweaked the rotations to simulate what we expect Doc to do. (Example: 2k had Sam Dekker playing over Wesley Johnson, which didn’t look to be the case during the preseason).

We only ran the simulation once and the LA Clippers came out victorious 122-101

Here are the box scores for the game:


Ingram went off, scoring 23 points on 8 of 14 shooting. Meanwhile, rookie Lonzo Ball did not have as good of game. He fouled out and only scored 5 points. He did have 7 assists though.

(Editor’s note: I notice now that Kuzma didn’t play. Doubt that’s the case in tonight’s game. Oops.)


Okay DJ. DeAndre Jordan absolutely went off. Honestly, the whole team performed pretty well, but DJ took it to another level. He somehow only managed 1 free throw, despite 19 attempts from the field. The AI must have fed him lobs the whole game. Blake Griffin also poured in 18, while Lou Williams dropped 15 off of the bench.

NBA 2k18 is crazy. While we do think the Clippers will win tonight, we don’t think that DeAndre is going to go for anything close to 28 and 15. (Although, we hope we’re wrong). Let’s just hope the results end up going in the Clippers favor.

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NHL 18,Thrills on the ice

8 Meet EA Sports’ latest addition to the world of ice hockey gaming – there’s plenty to talk about.

It’s clear NHL 18 is an attempt to hold onto the core factors of the franchise while simultaneously opening up new facets of the game to entice a new generation of players.

With a tiered system of short sharp and helpful levels the tutorials teach you each facet of the game with ease. They weren’t just there to help me figure out the buttons – the levels were actually fun to get through.

From the roster the draft and the morale of your players through to finances game days and even upgrading the stadium toilets (which isn’t as bad as it sounds) there’s a mountain of stuff to keep you busy if you want a break before or after hitting the ice.

The expansion of options centred around the arrival of the Vegas Golden Knights creates a whole new realm of customisation to your Franchise settings and experience.

Adding a mountain of time and effort into your pre and postseason isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you can’t say the entire package isn’t there for the die-hards.

The new 3-on-3 mode works perfectly for what it’s designed to be: an arena for the casual player or fan to knock the puck around and score more goals than they would in a normal game while also being a serious game mode that incorporates single player multiplayer and online gameplay.

The arcade-style set up of the new mode gives it a real energised feel with the commentators constantly going ballistic. The fast-paced style of the game is based on entertainment pace and excitement rather than strategy.

The hits are bigger and the goals come quicker while the ‘money puck’ system adds further excitement and opportunity to win every single game.You can even play as the mascots!This is all well and good for the casual player but it’s so much more in-depth than that.

It’s not just a one-game thing. There’s an entire season and national series built around it in the game where you can play by yourself or with and against anyone online.

The system of unlocking new teams and challenges players to strengthen your team and even new jerseys to fit your bill works perfectly. It’s all based on which difficulty you’re playing on and how well you perform in the actual game as measured by a points system.

In terms of the overall gameplay NHL 18 has introduced a fancy new skill stick that is in line with the skill moves set up in the FIFA franchise.

You can dip dance and throw your hockey stick around all over the shop in any number of ways with the analog stick allowing you to create and pull off some crazy new moves to get past the opponents defenders and goalie.

It also comes in handy in defence as well: instead of just trying to lay down bumper hits and checks all the time and miss by a mile you can use the stick to win the puck in much less embarrassing fashion.

And then there’s the fighting.

The reason most casual players get onto the game (me being one of them about five years ago) is the fact you can pretty much play a boxing game inside an ice hockey game.

Not much has changed in this regard. The fighting is still very much a big part of the game but it doesn’t overshadow it which is very good.

You can grab the jersey duck punches throw a few different kinds of punches in return. It’s pretty much as good as you’ll get for a non-fighting game with in-game fighting.

The lack of a story-driven career or journey mode which has been tried with varying levels of success in NBA FIFA and most recently NFL games is a bit of a miss – simply because it’s a common and popular feature to include these days.

That said it’s not enough of a downer to take anything away from the overall game – it’s merely something they should consider in the future even if now isn’t the time.

Ultimate Team and online play have been the highlights of many recent EA Sports games and this one is no different.

The depth is insane and there’s no limit on how much you can do in the online arena. It’s almost scary how addicting it can be to continue building your Ultimate Team.

The look feel gameplay and variation of modes makes this a winner for me and while it’s not blindingly different from last year there are some really really strong changes that separate it from the past and keep the franchise rolling confidently towards future releases.

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Fifa18,The 10 Strongest Premier League Players

Fifa 18: cos’è il beast rating e perché è importante

Abbiamo già visto come alcuni giocatori di #Fifa 18 siano più forti di quello che indica il loro valore sulla carta. Se avete da poco iniziato a giocare a FUT e quindi non avete molti crediti a disposizione, questi giocatori faranno al caso vostro. Grazie ad uno speciale valore, chiamato beast rating, questi giocatori sono facili da usare, perché possiedono valori elevati nei parametri più importanti. Tutto ciò vi permetterà di vincere fin da subito sia in FUT Champions, sia nelle altre modalità di Ultimate Team. Così potrete guadagnare fin da subito e quindi costruire velocemente una squadra di alto livello.

Il beast rating è un valore magico, che rende i giocatori apparentemente normali delle vere forze della natura.

Si tratta di una formula matematica – ideata dal sito Futhead – che prende in considerazione valori come potenza di tiro, forza, resistenza e velocità. I giocatori che hanno cifre elevate in questi valori, sono quelli che ci interessa comprare perché:

sono economici
sono più forti di quello che sembrano

Fifa 18: i migliori calciatori a basso prezzo della Premier League
Vediamo la classifica dei giocatori della #Premier League più sottovalutati, a partire dal meno forte al più forte. Tra parentesi trovate il valore del beast rating: #Videogiochi

(83) Fernandinho: il mediano dei Citizens eccelle in aggressività, intercettazioni e potenza di tiro. Vostro per 4800 crediti.
(84) Antonio Rüdiger: l’ex difensore della Roma è insuperabile. I tackle precisi, l’aggressività e la forza vi faranno dimenticare di aver spero 11000 crediti per lui.
(84) Danny Rose: il suo costo non così contenuto (12000 crediti) dovrebbe far riflettere. Farà al caso vostro se tenete i terzini bassi durante le manovre d’attacco. Infatti Rose è abilissimo difensivamente, soprattutto nelle scivolate e nell’aggressività.
(84) Islam Slimani: la punta algerina del Leicester non è certo una scheggia. Ma la sua forza mostruosa, la sua abilità di testa e la capacità di posizionamento lo rendono inarrestabile nell’area di rigore avversaria. Costa appena 750.
(85) Davinson Sanchez: la riserva difensiva del Tottenham è un vero muro, grazie alla sua forza fisica e alla sua capacità di tackle. E poi costa solo 1200.
(86) Ross Barkley: la promessa non mantenuta del calcio inglese è molto forte nel dribbling e nei passaggi corti. Due caratteristiche fondamentali in Fifa. Prezzo: 1400.
(87) Wilfried Zaha: è uno degli attaccanti più veloci del gioco. Ma oltre a questo è agile e molto abile nel dribbling. Costa appena 1300.
(88) Christian Benteke: il roccioso attaccante belga è esattamente come sembra. Roccioso, forte nei colpi di testa e potente nei tiri. Per 800 crediti è un acquisto obbligato.
(88) Serge Aurier: ecco il terzino più sottovalutato della Premier League. Eccelle in forza, velocità e soprattutto in elevazione. Per 7000 crediti sarà vostro.
(90) Sead Kolasinac: i terzini devono essere veloci, e lui non è certo una scheggia. Ma fisicamente e atleticamente è uno dei migliori giocatori del gioco, oltre che molto abile nelle scivolate. Incredibile il suo prezzo: 800.

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Dallas will host the 2018 NFL draft


One year after building its own venue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and earning rave reviews for what was essentially a three-day party the NFL draft is on the move again. The 2018 event will take place at AT&T Stadium the NFL announced Wednesday.

Last year’s event served as a major win for Philadelphia which blended an iconic backdrop with rowdy fans to create one of the most memorable events in draft history. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones never one to be outdone is sure to dial up an even bigger setting to ensure a Texas-sized draft experience.

“Philadelphia raised the bar by taking the Draft to another level and this new opportunity in Dallas will enable us to continue the event’s evolution and grow it even further,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “We are grateful to the Dallas Cowboys the cities of Arlington Dallas and Frisco and the Dallas Sports Commission for their leadership in turning this vision into reality.”

The NFL said that the draft site “will encompass the field stands and outdoor plazas creating an all-encompassing atmosphere and enabling more fans than ever before to watch their favorite team’s selections.”

Dallas beat out a long list of interested cities to earn hosting rights. Chicago Canton Denver Green Bay Jacksonville Los Angeles Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were all reportedly in the mix for 2018 duties. The Cowboys’ facility which blends a major population center with a storied NFL franchise made too much sense to pass up.

Dallas marks the third city to host the draft since it left its usual setting of New York City in 2015. The event had called the Big Apple home for 50 consecutive years before leaving for Chicago in 2016. Last year’s move to Philadelphia set off the barnstorming tour that has football fans and city officials alike clamoring for Roger Goodell’s presence and the boatloads of tourist revenue that follows.

April’s draft was expected to bring an $80 million impact to Pennsylvania’s largest city though few economic experts bought into that prediction. Even so with more than 100,000 people attending the event the draft was clearly a boon for Philadelphia. Officials in the Lone Star State will have to hope for a similar turnout next spring.

The 2018 NFL draft should be exciting. Unlike 2017 a handful of top-level passing prospects could create a feeding frenzy for quarterback-hungry teams. USC’s Sam Darnold Wyoming’s Josh Allen UCLA’s Josh Rosen and 2016 Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson of Louisville could all crowd the top 10 picks of a star-studded draft.

They’ll have to pick out a breathable fabric when they order their suits for next year’s draft. Texas gets pretty warm around late April.

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NBA 2K18 season simulation, Denver Nuggets performance

For four consecutive seasons, the Nuggets have failed to reach the postseason.

However with a maturing young core, which includes Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, and the acquisition of all-star forward Paul Millsap, many analysts are predicting this will be Denver’s best year in half a decade. Las Vegas oddsmakers have the team at an over/under of 45.5 wins.

So can the Nuggets return to the playoffs for the first time since 2013? We took to the digital realm of NBA 2K18 to see how the season pans out:
Slow starts have plagued the Nuggets in recent years — Denver has started 7-13 in each of the last two seasons — and there’s no change with the 2017-18 squad. The Nuggets stumbled out of the starting blocks again. Record: 2-5.


Denver battled to win six of its first seven games to start November. By the end of the month, the Nuggets climbed back into the playoff picture, sitting at the No. 7 seed in the West. Record: 10-4. Overall: 12-9.

The Nuggets built upon their strong November, winning 60 percent of their games to push their record to six games over .500. Record: 9-6. Overall: 21-15.

New year, same results. Another 9-6 run puts Denver at nine games over .500. Record: 9-6. Overall: 30-21.

A 5-2 run to start the month gave the Nuggets a 35-23 record and a No. 6 spot in the West heading into the NBA All-Star Weekend. Despite the team’s success, no Denver player was selected to the all-star game. However, Denver stumbled out of the break, losing its next three games. Record: 5-5. Overall: 35-26.


Denver’s woes continued into March as the Nuggets lost nine out of 10. They would break even at 4-4 to close the month. Record: 5-10. Overall: 40-36.

The Nuggets recovered in the final weeks of the regular season and secured a No. 7 seed in the Western Conference. Record: 4-2. Overall: 44-38.


The Nuggets drew No. 2 Houston for the first round. Although the team fell behind 0-2 in the series, Denver made it interesting and pushed it to seven games before falling to the eventual NBA champions.

Recap: The addition of Millsap was immediately felt by the Nuggets, as the all-star forward led the team with 16 points per game, adding 7.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists. Jokic emerged as one of the league’s best, earning a third-team All-NBA nod. He averaged 15.6 points while leading the team in rebounds (10.2) and assists (4.7). Denver’s scoring attack was spread out with six different players averaging double figures, including Murray (12.7), Gary Harris (12.5), Wilson Chandler (12.1) and Will Barton (10.7). Kenneth Faried averaged 8.3 points and 8.2 rebounds off the bench.

Around the league: While the Warriors and Cavaliers won their respected conferences as expected, the simulation took some surprising turns once the postseason hit. Cleveland received a rude awakening by being bumped in the first round by the upstart Charlotte Hornets (what?). After being pushed to the limit in the first round against the Nuggets, the Rockets — led by Finals MVP Chris Paul — went 12-0 en route to a sweep of the Toronto Raptors for the title.

Regular-season awards
MVP: Russell Westbrook, Thunder (27.2 points, 10.7 rebounds, 8.9 assists)
ROY: Lonzo Ball, Lakers (12.2 ppg, 4.4 rpg, 8.1 apg)
6th: Jeremy Lin, Nets (15.5 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 4.4 apg)
DPOY: Rudy Gobert, Jazz (18.3 ppg, 13.2 rpg, 2.9 blocks)
Coach: Steve Kerr

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NBA 2K18 review,the funnest and best looking basketball game available

The NBA 2K franchise is one of the best sports games around and 2K18 has ensured that trend continues for another year.

Somehow it has improved graphically and gameplay wise from its predecessor – even non-basketball fans will be able to appreciate this extremely polished game.

However if you want to be really good at this game you will need some form of basketball intelligence. This is as realistic as sports games get you need to know to make a pass and what type of pass is best.

NBA 2K18 is the best basketball game available jam-packed with content and replayability

NBA 2K18 has stunning graphics and a realistic feel to matches and post-match presentation

And as I mentioned earlier this game is visually stunning. Not only does it play realistically but looks realistic too. Everything feels legitimate from the crowd to the commentary to even the hilarious half time interactions between Ernie Johnson Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal.

And outside of the core gameplay on the court NBA 2K18 is jam-packed full of content and modes.

The MYGM mode sees you play as a basketball player who becomes the GM o a team for six years after being forced to retire through injury.

There’s also the MyTeam mode which allows you to build squads within your salary budget using the fantasy-sports style to create a fun mode that also incorporates card trading and pack opening which is a concept familiar to FIFA Ultimate Team players.

The only real let down in the entire game is MyCareer mode. The cheesy cutscenes and annoying characters means the mode is sadly difficult to sit through especially as you can’t skip the horrendous cutscenes.

MyCareer sees you create your own character in a typical rags to riches story you always see within the sports genre. You are able to customise the appearance of you character with new haircuts and clothes and even get some new sneakers from Foot Locker.

Yet the customisation options feel limited especially to begin with. And that becomes even more noticeable when you walk around ‘My Neighbourhood’ seeing other online players’ created characters that all look similar.

The career modes have always been a weakness of the franchise but 2K18 has still done well to take positive strides in the mode and My Neighbourhood is that big step.

Walking around the streets give you plenty of options to play different types of basketball games from intense 3v3 games to fun hoop-shooting mini-games at the arcade.

You walk around in an open world populated by the characters of other online players. You have free choice to do what you you want and look how you want it feels like Journey mode from FIFA mixed with Sims.

And while this sort of mode could prove to be revolutionary to sports games this new addition understandably hasn’t been executed perfectly.

The entire aim of the mode is to level up your character to 99 overall and the only way to do that is through grinding out matches and monotonous workout minigames at the gym.

The task is too tall for most unless you spend your hard-earned cash on in-game microtransactions due to how little experience you gain.

Still those and the career mode are optional. NBA 2K18 is still a phenomenal sports game that is well worth any basketball or general sports fan purchasing.

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NHL 18 Review: Customization adds replay value

Marc Bergevin has said on many occasions that acquiring a top centre is only possible on PlayStation. This off-season, he also said that if you want loyalty, get a dog.

Well, I have good news for the Montreal Canadiens GM. You can get loyalty on PlayStation, too.

The newest iteration of EA Sports’ annual NHL game allows you to take over the Vegas Golden Knights (or any other team) the date of the expansion draft. And that opens up a whole lot of possibilities. In fact, both times I have taken over an expansion team and re-done the draft, both Andrei Markov and Alex Radulov re-signed with the Canadiens before July 1.

Of course, because it happens at the expansion draft, it means you can’t undo anything that happened before such as the Nathan Beaulieu or Jonathan Drouin trades.

That’s just one aspect of the replay ability that previous games just didn’t have. On top of re-doing the Vegas expansion draft, you could even customize the protection lists, and add a 32nd team to the league and have two teams drafting from the pool of players made available.
At release, this feature didn’t work that well as it put my Quebec No Dekes team in the Western Conference. However, the first update added the option to have a custom realignment before any new franchise – with 31 teams or 32. It also allows you the option to customize the 31st and 32nd AHL teams – even creating their mascot.

NHL Threes

The biggest addition to the game this year was NHL Threes. If you haven’t seen it, think NBA Jam on ice. It’s a three-on-three arcade style game with game-changers such as Money Pucks which count for multiple goals (either added to your score or removed from your opponents’).

While it’s not personally my cup of tea, it is fun from time to time and some people will probably love it.
Season’s Greetings

Another new addition was the Champions Hockey League. If you aren’t familiar with that, think Champions League in soccer but with hockey teams. The game not only has the teams that were in the most recent tournament, but you are able to play your own tournament in season’s mode.

You could also play a season with many other leagues in the game, including the AHL, Liiga, SHL, and others. Again, it is something that gives you another option to keep the game fun and fresh.

The game is a more polished version of last year’s but if it wasn’t for the extra teams, you wouldn’t really be able to tell at a glance that the game was updated. The actual game play does look and feel like last year’s version.

Having said that, last year’s version was good so there weren’t many changes that needed to be made and this year’s version is worth especially if you enjoy the possibilities that customization gives you, either re-doing the expansion draft, or creating a 32nd team.

You could even take over the Canadiens and add a 32nd team and see how that shakes up the league. Of course, you could also take over the team right before this season if you want.

The game is not perfect, but at least the options and the new Threes mode will keep the game from getting stale. If you can’t find a way to play NHL 18 and have fun, it’s not for a lack of options.

Final Score: 8/10
While there are customization options, franchise mode is essentially the same as previous years, but with the addition of mid-season contract extensions. However, when previously the only way to shake up the game was with a fantasy draft, the expansion options are very welcomed additions

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Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18

NBA 2K is a series that has great depth, so even though we’ve already learned about quite a few details, there are still a number of questions that are unanswered.

Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18

I and other NBA 2K game players to ask the forum about NBA 2k18 expectations and NBA 2k17 problems in Quora, we all hope that some of the problems have been improved, but also look forward to the following about the NBA 2k18 related issues can be very well resolved. and thank mmocs.com for the rearrangement of the problem.

Do Rookies Have Tattoos?

The question should probably be, “will all of the rookies have their tattoos?” We know Markelle Fultz has his because we can see them in the first look image 2K provided.

We’ll find out soon enough if all of the tatted rookies have their body art represented.

Can You Trade Injured Players In MyLeague And MyGM?

This wasn’t mentioned in the MyGM and MyLeague blog, but we’ll see if it was potentially just overlooked among the new features.

What Are The New Archetypes?

We don’t know for sure that there are new archetypes on the way. I expect to learn this information later this week when the MyCareer details are revealed.

Is Free Agency In MyLeague Online?

Every year, MyLeague Online moves a little closer to mirroring the offline version. Free agency is one of the features missing from the online component. It wasn’t discussed on the blog, so I’m guessing it isn’t in, but we’ll confirm ASAP.

Full Details On Creating and Editing Players

This is similar to the offline/online question, but it’s different because it also relates to player editing. Fans want to know what aspects of the existing players can be edited. Can we change the ages of the players from the classic teams? Can we edit socks and more?

Is Transition Defense Improved?

This has been an issue in the last few versions of the game. It appeared to be improved during the hands-on preview, but I’ll know for sure when I play the final build.

Are There Less Or No Canned Animations ?

Sometimes the animations on screens can be a little forced. That’s the case in a few of the sequences in the game. The new movement engine is supposed to remove those instances.

How Much VC Do You Need to Save Players in Pack And Play?

In the new MyTeam mode Pack and Play draft mode, you will have an opportunity to retain possession of certain players as you progress through the mode. It will cost you VC, but the amount hasn’t been shared. We’ll try to get specifics this week.

Are There Are Any New Parks?

There has been no mention of MyPark so far, but the Aussie leak talked about the playground. I can’t wait to find out what this means.

Can You Change Thunder All-Time Teams’ Jerseys to Sonics Jerseys?

Seattle hoops fans are still pretty bitter. They want to know if they can choose Sonics jerseys when playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s all-time team. Previously, there hasn’t been any options to pick alternative jerseys for classic teams. We’ll see if that has changed.

How Consistent Is Shooting?

I saw a lot more missed shots in my preview which were far more realistic, but again, that was not a final build.

Will There Be Offline And Online MyPlayers?

This has been one of my biggest requests over the past two years. I believe fans who aren’t interested in playing online should be able to create MyPlayers free of the fair play restrictions.

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Update Joseph – A New Partner of Albion Online Arena

Albion Online is an isometric visual MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world. Here the player can be what he wants: magician, archer, miner, carpenter, artisan, merchant. No roads are blocked. The game features a completely free structure or, as it is said of these times, sandbox. There is a clear appeal to famous exponents of the genre, such as Ultima Online and Runescape. Certainly, the title goes a long way in suggesting a slow and difficult experience, which will surely appeal to all those players who are looking for a product that does not keep you in hand all the time.

There are no default classes in Albion Online. The powers and abilities of each PG depend on the weapon and armor worn, as summarized by the motto “You are what you wear”. So, for example, with the right equipment, you can change your role from damage dealer to tank in just a few clicks.

The Destiny Board is a screen that is used to track the progress of our avatars. As the Ultima Online teaches, even in Albion it does not count on levels but skills: the more we spread the stone and the better we do it, the more we kill enemies with the bow, and so on. In total, there are seven tiers of progression that relate to any resource, object, or weapon in the world: a T1 ax is a primitive, almost primitive tool, while a T7 ax is a powerful artifact that can only be used by more experienced hands . Since tier climbs takes time and effort, you should understand as soon as possible what you want to devote and concentrate on that.

Albion Online-3

In Albion Online you have to grind, and not least. We are not at the level of a Lineage, but in fact to get into the various skills we are interested in, we will be forced to repeat the same actions. Everyone can dedicate to grinding the time they want, but it is undeniable that those who close to grind 24/7 will grow faster than others. The positive thing is that there is always a sense of progression: it is always the impression that your PG is growing, albeit slowly, and this is clearly reflected in our powers as well as in the interaction with the surrounding environment.

Harvesting and crafting systems are quite simple, far from the complexity of a Star Wars Galaxies, but virtually every object in the world is created by players, and the durability and death penalty system prevents the stagnation of the economy; Albion Online will never create a situation where crafter work is not required as players already have their highest-quality non-removable objects. Instead, everything consumes and breaks, forcing a continuous flow of spare.

The combat system, on the other hand, is rather sloppy. Not that it is horrible, for charity, but it is static and slow. Of course, playing in PvP all speeds up, but the fact remains that Albion’s combat system is not surprising or hurting, or rather paralyzed, if compared to other exponents of the genre.

In the new article, Sandbox Interactive employees decided to talk about the future of MMORPG Albion Online. First of all, the team will improve its defense against DDoS attacks and the situation with ping. And in a year there will be about 3-4 main patches, which will make corrections to existing systems and add a new functionality.

Already at the end of September or the beginning of October you will see the update “Joseph”. It will add to the Albion Arena project. This place is intended for battles in the format 5vs5 (and each match goes 10 minutes). It is there where you will earn special arena tokens. This new type of currency will be exchanged for various rewards. In addition, there will be new skills, new Tier 6 expeditions and the auto reject options for party and trade.

Three months after the “Joseph” will update the “Kay”. And the key features of the update will be territory invasions and guild power rankings. The team will not forget and significantly increase the performance of large scale battles, rework marketplace user interface and make changes to the black market.

After “Kay” in Albion Online will appear Elite Expeditions and Expedition Challenges, interactive PvE spots, blessings, improved vanity rewards and other important changes.

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FIFA 18: What’s The Consequence After Cristiano Ronaldo Left Real Madrid?

If Cristiano Ronaldo moves away from Real Madrid this summer, it will be one of the most surprising moves in football history.

Seemingly pretty settled at a club that have just successfully defended their Champions League crown alongside the La Liga title, CR7 is undoubtedly the most famous football star on the planet.

But while a world record transfer might still be a while away, there are probably a good few people at EA Sports praying the Real Madrid star doesn’t move.

Why? Well, as this year’s cover star for their upcoming FIFA 18 game, it could lead to some drastic and rapid changes in the way the game is released.

We’ve previewed what a potential Ronaldo move away from Los Blancos might mean for the release of FIFA 18.
How will it affect him as the game’s cover star?

Ronaldo was announced with great fanfare as FIFA 18’s cover star.

Most tellingly, he was pictured in his Real Madrid kit – meaning if he were to move away, you’d expect a hastily arranged photoshoot in his new strip.

The actual printing of the covers won’t be a problem – if he were to move it would be before September at the very latest.

If this was the case the manufacturers could wait until anything is official before pressing the print button in the factory.

Will it impact The Journey 2?

This might be the thing that is making EA Sports sweat the most right now.

We know Cristiano Ronaldo features in The Journey 2, with heavy rumours that Alex Hunter will be offered a move to become a Galactico.

Which means the story line that Hunter goes on would feature Ronaldo becoming a team-mate.
This could be problematic – either EA could decide to pull that part of the storyline entirely, or risk an unauthentic experience by leaving Ronaldo playing for Madrid.


Obviously becoming the cover star for any FIFA game is a big deal, and there’s a lot of publicity that goes alongside it.

Ronaldo is likely to have already agreed public appearances for EA Sports alongside the launch of the game, but whether or not he moves and how that will impact it remains a mystery.

Whatever happens, it will be a very interesting, and probably nervy, time ahead for a few departments at EA Sports.

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