Some information about Blade & Soul

The Adventure ends at the Hall of Explorers, one of Azeroth’s foremost collections of ancient relics and a place of ongoing archaeological research. We’ve prepared the Auto Targeting, Death System and Action Button Interface videos for you guys and placed English subtitles containing Yuan’s translations! So this is how it ends, with the Hall of Explorers; not a bad place for Hearthstone’s [Free] League of Explorers Adventure to conclude. After a month (and an extra, off week), the Adventure has concluded with the last – and largest- Wing of the whole Adventure.

The player enters a Downed state when their HP reaches 0. In this state, the player is laying on the ground face down and is able to crawl at approximately one-tenth of the normal running speed. The player is given 80 seconds to crawl out of the aggressiveness zone of monsters to be able to Restore Chi back in the living state. blade & soul gold The player has several options to recover from this state. They have formed what is called the Street Team.

Team members will spread the news concerning Chip and Joanna’s new book, which will grant them access to many perks. Members will receive access to exclusive content, be one of the first to get a sneak-peek look at the book cover, and receive a PDF copy of the book before launch. The top contributors will even have a chance to win a one-on-one video chat with Chip and Joanna, along with an invitation to their official book release party. The official release date for The Magnolia Story is slated for October 18, 2016. To learn more and to sign up, simply go to the Magnolia Market book section of the website to register.

Blade & Soul will be using a very minimalistic UI, keeping things clean and less cluttered. The action buttons will change depending on what abilities can be used at that point and time. For example, say you’ve just knocked your enemy into the air with a neat ability, while the target is in the air your action buttons will change, showing you new abilities that can be used on mid air targets. Let me stop blabbering here and allow you to watch this video on your own. It does a better job explaining it than I do!

This encounter was not bad but it’s probably the most RNG one of the bunch so far, and that’s saying something. The way this encounter works is that the Boss has the Ancient Power Hero Power that gives each player a random card each turn, and that card costs 0 (in Heroic, only Hex gets the 0-cost card). As you can imagine, you might get a 1/1 useless minion while Hex gets the grandest Legendary. If the RNG isn’t working in your favor in the first few turns of the encounter, don’t think twice about conceding and starting all over again.

His deck is primarily beast minions and he can throw plenty of them on the board, buy blade and soul gold so expect to have a lot of minions to fight against for board control. While your primary goal will be to control the board, don’t take too long to go face because one random minion can change the whole board balance. By the end of the Adventure, the Staff of Origination will be combined and all kinds of crazy things will happen. The four bosses were quite entertaining and the cards we are getting have been eagerly awaited, especially cards like Desert Camel and Elise Starseeker (one for practical reasons and one for the fun of it. So, let’s head for the Hall of Explorers and wrap this Adventure up.