Diablo 2: Resurrected has make some changes to response to player feedback from the recent technical alpha

Blizzard is making some changes to Diablo 2: Resurrected in response to player feedback from the recent technical alpha, and we’ll get to see them in action next month once the next beta starts.

Blizzard collected this feedback during the technical alpha that took place back in April, so if you played through that and submitted ideas to Blizzard afterward, you might want to check the list to see if your feedback prompted some change.

Blizzard has posted a very in-depth look at the various player reactions to the technical alpha and has detailed what changes it will make to the game before it hits PC and consoles in September. One of the most notable updates is the addition of two more tabs for the shared stash, increasing inventory space once again. You all just love collecting loot too much, apparently.

Art & Visuals
Some of the changes to Art & Visuals following feedback include the Sorceress’ Lightning and Blizzard spells. Lightning’s VFX has been enhanced with “a whiter and thicker visualization that is more reminiscent of the original VFX,” and Blizzard has been adjusted to “better capture the destructive force of the original.”

Blizzard’s touched up lots of icons as well, including potions, gems, weapons, and charms. The animations for health and mana regeneration have also been updated to better align with the health and mana globes themselves.

The quality of life updates
Then we come to the quality of life updates, with Blizzard kicking off by saying that it will detail new accessibility options in a separate, larger blog post in the future. For now, we get confirmation that Diablo II Resurrected will be getting an item name toggle, so you’ll no longer need to hold a key to see the names of the items that are on the ground. We’ll also be getting a new toggle for Diablo II Resurrected‘s Compare functionality. Moreover, there will be some tweaks to the Automap color that help it out from the in-game world better while you’re using it in overlay mode.

“As we move forward, we implore you to continue sharing your feedback and accounts of your experience,” Blizzard says. “These learnings will help us mold the Diablo II remaster we’ve dreamed of.”

As for what’s next, Blizzard has reminded fans that all those who have pre-ordered Diablo 2: Resurrected will be able to experience these new changes in August’s early access beta. Those who don’t pre-order will also get a chance to play when the open beta launches shortly after.

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