Tree of Life: Oddria is a sequel to the first Tree of Life

It is a new survival game based on the sandbox MMO Tree of Life, which was launched via Steam in 2017. The new game focuses on survival elements. You will be washed ashore on an island and you will have to survive there.

Then the development team considered how it could go on. The idea for Oddria was born. A MOBA in which two teams of three meet and fight against each other. However, this title was not developed further. Instead, the idea of ​​a survival MMO was born, which was named Tree of Life: Oddria.

Basically, it’s a sequel to the first Tree of Life. You are in a sandbox world again, but this time the focus is on survival elements.

You look for raw materials in the world
You build your own equipment
You build a shelter and even a large base with friends
There are many dangers lurking in the game world, including wild beasts
You also fight against other players on PvP servers
There are monster camps that you can attack, including battles against boss monsters

Initially, Oddria was intended to be a competitive online game involving two teams of three players competing in a round and colorful world. As the development progresses (and in particular under the impetus of the players after the presentation of the game as part of the Steam Game Festival), Oddone Games has chosen to develop Oddria, to now make it a survival MMO – more concretely, Oddria could become what Tree of Life should have been from the start.After the changes, Oddria became a “common game without any special advantages”, explain the developers. However, it was only after the Steam Games Festival, an event that allows users to try various games for free, that the team realized that that was not what the community and they wanted.

As such, OddOneGames announced that it has returned to its original plan to launch Oddria as an official sequel to Tree of Life. As part of the change, the title also came to be called Tree of Life: Oddria and several aspects of the game were changed. Check it out below:

The view was changed from Top-Down to Third Person;
The game server was changed to “Dedicated”. Now, anyone can open their own server;
The game’s content focuses on survival and crafting, not 3v3 battles;
The genre of the game becomes “Survival MMO”.

Who should keep an eye on the game? If you like survival games, but also colorful graphics and maybe you would like to experience such a game with the family, then you should make a note of Tree of Life: Oddria. Maybe a survival game for the whole family awaits us here.

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