Flyff Legacy is out right now on Google Play

Flyff Legacy is set in the world of Madrigal, a colorful, anime-style land. Choose from three different classes – Mercenary, Acrobat or Magician – before you go looking for your first magical broom. Broom in hand, explore each section of the madrigal by air or on land.

The game now has to choose to play with only 3 characters, 3 professions only, which can not be changed in detail as a character lock. There will be a warrior class that 2 classes can change. Blade Master, Royal Knight. The next profession is Archer, can change careers. Ranger, Jester. Finally, Magician who can change into Keeper, Wizard. Each class can’t change gender.

“Well over a decade after its launch, Flyff Online still has thousands of players worldwide today,” said Hyunsu Kim, CEO. “We wanted to recreate the same whimsical style and emphasis on community from the original in a modern mobile game that will delight the fans and bring a whole new generation of players to the game.”

Released in 2004, “Fly for Fun” (Flyff) was the first online RPG to allow players to fly, and so it soon became a fad. “Flyff Legacy” arrives combining the anime style and social aspects of the PC game with a gameplay geared towards the mobile experience.

Now that franchise has come to mobile as Flyff Legacy. Rather than a direct port, it’s an isometric reimagining with gameplay more suited to mobile.

Whether you are flying through the skies or wandering the darkest dungeon, this is a realm of adventure. Team up with your friends to take down monsters in search of new armor, weapons, broom upgrades, and even fun costumes. The game’s pet system even lets you adopt a furry friend to accompany you on your journey.

Flyff Legacy Legend’s graphics work looks great, the movements are great. Looks flowing in 3D. Compared to the PC version, it must be said that the difference is noticeable. The game is a cartoon image. Detailed environment elements It is suitable for the game. But some, if making it sharper, may make the overall look more expensive than before

Flyff Legacy Legend is a mobile game with the name of the famous IP game from the past that has caught the attention of gamers. But if you remove the name of this game, it turns out that this game is like a normal mobile game. The system focuses on topping up, heavy gacha, but the issue of graphics and gameplay systems is considered okay, so this game will be liked by friends. How much do you have to try to play and see for yourself?

Flyff Legacy is out right now on Google Play, so go and download it to relive your childhood.

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