New Elder Scrolls Online Expansion Trailer Show

Thieves Guild, The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming DLC pack, lets you join Tamriel’s elusive shadow-snuggling crew of pick pockets, burglars and general ne’er do wells. The latest trailer gives you a taste of what you’ll be getting up to. No information was shared regarding a price or release date for Thieves Guild, but Bethesda said those details should arrive in the coming weeks. For now, you can check out a new gameplay trailer above. Thieves Guild was announced during QuakeCon 2015 (via Polygon). It is one part of developer ZeniMax Online’s efforts to keep the game fresh, and will be followed by another expansion, The Dark Brotherhood, later this year.

The game was originally released on PC last year to mixed responses. Of course, a lot can change in MMOGs over the course of a year, Elder Scrolls Online Gold and while ZeniMax Online Studios hasn’t branded the console release as a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn-style re-invention of the game, the steady stream of major patches represent somewhat of a course correction. And while many improvements have been made to The Elder Scrolls Online, they only serve to remind us of how inconsistent the game’s base structure.

In the spirit of the guild, the games that made our list of best free PC games are a STEAL. Bethesda has released the first trailer for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Thieves Guild DLC pack, providing a brief look at what players can expect from the upcoming larceny-themed content. As the name alludes to, the expansion will allow players to join the Thieves Guild. This is a group of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves–the tagline for the expansion is “Play dirty, get away clean.” The expansion also adds a new zone, more story-focused content, and a 12-player mode.

Announced today via an official blog post, the latest DLC will come in two parts – the Thieves Guild expansion and a base game patch, which brings with it scrolling combat text and a new 64-bit client for PC and Mac, among a number of other technical features. Here’s the guild itself (very briefly) in action. Tamriel Unlimited will be available with the 6 major content updates that the game has already received, which includes veteran dungeons and adventure zones, and party-based challenges. The rulesets for various campaigns across the world have been rebalanced and retooled, and improvements have been made to armour customisation and the facial animations of characters.

It’s a fun distraction at first, but the second you pay any real attention, you notice that characters have the emotional range of a lower-tier soap opera and that every line of dialogue is pure exposition devoid of spark. There is enough voice acting to make Star Wars. The Old Republic jealous, but the stale dialogue invites you to zone out every time a character begins to speak. So while I can remember each of my thrilling adventures in Tamriel because the active engagement payoff is so high, I remember snatches of character names here and there but too few details of my ultimate purpose. Even characters who make promising introductions fall flat when the game keeps insisting on telling you about them instead of showing you who they are.

When the expansion arrives, you’ll assume the role of new recruit at the Thieves Guild, Buy ESO Gold where you’ll take the streets of new area Hew’s Bane which includes Abah’s Landing, your new employer’s HQ. Also included in the pack is a whole new zone, 12-player raid, new quests and storylines, and a host of new criminal activities players can join. When The Elder Scrolls Online launched, we along with many other sites and magazines gave it a fairly negative review, with Nick calling it “a mess”. With these additions and the culling of subscription, perhaps Elder Scrolls Online is about to become the MMO it should be.

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Tackling FIFA 16’s Sliders System

That thing you hated in FIFA 16? It’s been fixed! eso gold Probably that thing was the failure of Tottenham’s scattershot transfer strategy to replace Gareth Bale, in which case you and I are still in lonely mourning. Everyone else, though, can be cheered by the news that, judging by a few hours of play, FIFA 16 addresses the most glaring of last year’s problems. FIFA experts know concerning the Sliders system, since it had been released years back, however there are still a huge number of gamers who have not heard, or played around with, with this essential portion of the game options. Basically, sliders allow you to change gameplay features, each for the gamer and also the synthetic cleverness. This particular just pertains to single-player though, since on the internet play always defaults the sliders.

Before we begin, it should be noted that these settings were implemented under the following conditions: World Class difficulty, 6-minute matches, normal game speed, and control settings divided between assisted or semi. Some players prefer to play with manual controls, adjusting the sliders to higher or lower values, but these are the most balanced settings for FIFA 16 in our opinion. Below you can see an explanation for each Slider and the values we chose for our setup.

These sliders come into play in accordance with the game difficulty, if you setup the same sliders for Professional and World Class, the latter will continue to be harder than the first. However there are many sliders, each with a value between 0 and 100 (50 is the default value for all), and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can radically change the game experience (even spoiling it completely), although you can always return to the original values. The brave who decide to experiment heavily with these sliders and other settings, believe they have stumbled upon something of a holy grail amongst players: “the most realistic gaming experience of FIFA.”

Before you can run, you must learn how to walk. FIFA 16 is a very complex game, with many types of shooting, passing and dribbling. To learn the basics, or even the most advanced features, take a peek at the videos that EA Sports has made available in the main menu. You can also use the new help system that provides contextual tips for players during matches. Play some games on the weaker difficulty settings and pay attention to the pointers from the help system.

These types of sliders enter into play according to the game trouble, in case you set up exactly the same sliders with regard to Expert as well as First class, the second option will still be harder compared to very first. Nevertheless there are lots of sliders, every with a worth between 0 as well as one hundred (50 is the default worth with regard to all), and when you don’t know what you do, you can radically modify the game experience (even spoiling this completely), even though you are able to return to the original values. This sets the severity of injuries, i.e., the higher the value, the bigger the chances of a serious injury. As mentioned above, some players increase the frequency, but reduce the severity, creating more injuries, but less serious ones. In our opinion these two settings are irrelevant so we let them be.

The actual courageous who else decide to test heavily using these sliders along with other settings, think they have stumbled upon some thing of the holy grail amongst gamers: “the most practical video gaming connection with FIFA. ” After you have learned the theory of FIFA 16, it’s time to put it into practice, and for this there is nothing better than beating the various Skill Games with top marks. elder scrolls online gold Some of these challenges can be quite difficult, but after several attempts, you should be evolving. If you can master theses Skill Games, you will be better prepared than ever to face FIFA – online and offline – and will know most of the secrets of the gameplay.

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Do you want to build the best FIFA Ultimate Team for free

With the release of FIFA 16 comes an improved FIFA Ultimate Team online mode. You’re going to want to get off to a good start, so allow us to kick things off with some tips and methods to build an ultimate team without resorting to spending real-world cash unless absolutely necessary. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team [Free] can be a bit of a doozy to jump into if you’re just looking for a fun soccer game to play, admittedly. There’s a lot going on, and the game isn’t up-front from the very beginning about all the factors in play. Thankfully, it’s possible to do well at this game and be competitive without spending money, especially since pretty much everything can be accomplished through earning the soft currency.

Thankfully, you don’t have to build your team every single time you take on a match for different quality opponents. eso gold You can have multiple squads, and I generally like to have a squad with just bronze players, silver and bronze players, and then a gold-quality team. You can use the team builder to make this process a lot easier, but I generally recommend going in and playing around with the roster additionally beyond that. You might want to switch around your bench and reserves so that you’re not wasting contracts on players just sitting around. As well, I recommend playing around with different formations.

Though FIFA Ultimate Team kindly gives you a Gold level player from your favorite club to start out, the rest of your initial lineup isn’t going to be so hot. You’re going to need better footballers, and unlike Real Madrid, you can’t just buy anyone you want. Or at least you can’t buy the exact players you want all the time. What you do have is multiple routes to improve the caliber of athlete. Buy packs of players from the in-game Shop. As you play more matches, you’ll earn coins that you can spend on new packs. The “Players” tab is where you want to head for players (surprisingly!), and they can be had for either coins or FIFA Points, which you buy with real money.


Whenever you’re looking for a player on the transfer market, it’s vital that you compare the value of one card with the rest of them. Hitting X/Square will allow you to see every card of that player currently up for sale, and how much they’re going for. While something may look like a good deal, it’s always worth seeing if there’s an even better one lurking somewhere else on the market. With price ranges being far wider this year than when they were first introduced, you have a much better chance of snagging bargains. The trade off is you now have to spend more time looking at a particular player before getting the best value for money.

You can make a good team, use Chemistry Styles. A relatively cheap Ultimate team can include solid players, but in order to elevate them to compete with players who simply plough money into microtransactions, you’re going to need Chemistry Styles. Chemistry Styles are relatively cheap on the transfer market, even those that offer +3 to two stats. Applying these to your starting 11 can help compensate for weaknesses, for example a striker lacking high finishing can be handed the Sniper Style and then be able to be much more consistent in front of goal. Each match you play counts down the number of contracts on a player, and then they’re unusable unless or until you use a contract consumable on them. As such, using your silver and gold players early on is a pathway to the doom of your wallet. As such, your goal needs to not be to build the ultimate team in that you’re building the best team in the universe, but that you’re building the ultimate team for the task ahead of you.

Building a cheap (ideally Brazilian) team means that it’s unlikely you’ll know everything about each player in the squad, buy eso gold so hit the right stick over each of them and check their full stats to see where your team is strong and, more importantly, vulnerable. More importantly, learn each player’s stronger foot, especially for central players so you know which side to place them, otherwise you’ll see opportunities lost. Having players able to cut inside and take shots is important, as a goalscoring midfielder is key to any team to clean up deflections or half-clearances. Making sure this player attacks the ball with his stronger foot for volleys and placed shots will give you a much better chance at scoring.

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