Analyze Benefits & Negatives of NHL 17

NHL 17 from becoming the latest updates over, there is a great need to look at all of the major game modes. The game modes are good building blocks for the future? Those who need to be improved in despair? Here is a review of NHL 17 comes in. The first exit is a series of team-based, making it the most popular NHL 17, EA Sports Hockey League.

EA Sports Hockey League (known EASHL), team up with other players around the world. Where to build a multi-player, it has become necessary to have a set of players who can work together to perform a certain role. If the players mesh together, grinding the open in many different areas, unlockable players, and more awaits!

NHL 17Benefits

EA Sports Hockey League NHL 17 is easily more fun online. The chance of getting on the ice and work together as a team to move interfaces suitable for those who play games with their friends. If you do not have friends on the Internet at a certain time, you can play low with other players around the world. There are many different types of players, and is based on the use of a decline in big games to try out new builds.

NHL 17 features many cosmetic additions to the game, which is directly linked to the achievements on the ice. When you turn on the ice, playing a local team in the arena without the fans crowd cheering you on. All levels of your team and winning games, you can open the largest squares in various cosmetic additives. This system is a good reward for players who play hard and win games. Although the team did not have much to win, there is still only open during the game.

Another advantage EASHL is the work they are doing on the Mode. There have been several updates EASHL this year, including new unlockable, the goalkeeper is changed, change the class skater, and more. The presence of the developer team committed to making one of the best roads NHL 17 best refreshing. We expect big things EASHL years ahead in terms of customization.


It is taken from EA Sports Hockey League NHL 17 to move in the right direction. As good as it has been for customization, it is set in stone and EA bring new unlockable make the Mode more personal EASHL still a new player to build. With all the new additions will be a few negative disturbing.

First things first, the objective EA Sports Hockey League and brutality. There is little to no ability to predict the goalkeepers on the Internet, which makes it very difficult to get good at this job. Goaltending is basically half luck, half skill. If you do not have one or the other, it is likely that there will be a number of goals allowed.

Along with goaltending, there are a lot of mistakes. It is not a game EASHL If the player does not freeze and get stuck in the net, even the goalkeeper. Although these deficiencies occur randomly and evenly between the teams, and it is frustrating to have to deal with them. Hopefully these vulnerabilities fixed NHL 18 so that a clean play.

EA Sports Hockey League general

With all the positive and negative one, I would say for the EASHL is more good than bad going for it. Although glitched enjoys around, and have a very smooth, and there is no real end in failure mode can be scored. The main thing is clear, and EA developers to build what they did this year?

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