Genshin Impact presented its roadmap for update 1.1

Genshin Impact Primogem Account It’s been a little over a week now since Genshin Impact released and seemed to command the attention of anyone willing to listen. The free-to-play game evoking comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seems to be the topic of conversation especially when it comes to its future plans. Now it seems developer and publisher miHoYo is ready to reveal those plans as it presented its roadmap for update 1.1 which launches November 11.

Developer miHoYo has unveiled a roadmap showcasing when players can expect to see new content in Genshin Impact. The first stop on the roadmap is Patch 1.1 which is scheduled to release on November 11th 2020. This contradicts the alleged leak showing it would release on October 12th which means the new playable characters and Inuzuma rumors may also be false.

Over the past few days the lucky owners of Keqing and Nora in Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Primogem Account online have reported to the development team an annoying bug that prevented in some situations from enabling the bonuses of artifacts.

miHoYo finished its post off by thanking Genshin Impact players for their overwhelming support and apologizing for not updating them sooner. It then promised that it will continue to analyze problems and solve them seriously while doing a better job of updating players in the future. It’s through this promise and these upcoming updates that miHoYo seems bent on making Genshin Impact a long lasting success for players around the globe.

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