Godfall the PC version will be available

Godfall Echoes Godfall will be available on PC as well as PS5 at launch on November 12 but this news suggests that it may also come to Xbox or other platforms after the timed exclusivity deal is up on May 12 2021.

As an enigma with great potential thanks to its incredible aesthetics and next-gen graphics Godfall is one of the most exciting games coming out in November. You can watch 40-minutes of gameplay to build upon your hype or to better judge if the fresh IP appeals to your interests but reviews should be out shortly ahead of the game’s release date on the 12th.

As seen in this trailer it will be possible to play co-op with your friends but only online which means that it will be impossible to play locally. There will also be no PvP (at least for now) which means no deathmatch no flag capture or any other game mode that includes PvP.

Based on these the PC version will be available at ten o’clock in the evening on November 11 but the situation with the PS5 release is no longer so simple as the console will debut a week late in many parts of the world such as Europe. Based on this the PS5 release of Godfall will be available from midnight on November 12th in the USA Japan Korea or even Australia Cheap Godfall Echoes while of course it will come to us at midnight on November 19th at the same time as the console.

In other Godfall news the game’s PC specs were recently revealed so head over to our explainer article to figure out if your rig can run it. You can also check out our interview with the game’s developers about loot progression and more.

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