World of Warcraft Fan lets gamers see what iconic World of Warcraft locations look like in Unreal Engine 4

A video by YouTuber Daniel L shows what Stormwind City, Goldshire, Duskwood and Grizzly Hills from World of Warcraft would look like if the game was made in Unreal Engine 4 game engine, which supports standard ray tracing.

Now I’ll be honest here, these Ray Tracing effects are not that mind-blowing. For instance, CONTROL and Metro Exodus showcase in a better way the visual improvements that this tech brings to the table. On the other hand, though, we should not forget that this a fan remake from a single person.

One World of Warcraft fan has a YouTube channel called Daniel L that lets gamers see what iconic World of Warcraft locations look like in Unreal Engine 4. The channel is five years old, and features several different locations from the game, including Westfall, the Elwynn Forest, and the Grizzly Hills. The latest video uploaded to the channel is the first to show off a few of these locations with Nvidia RTX ray-tracing.

The views of Stormwind City are brilliant, with that beautiful stone architecture showing age and weathering against the bright blues, purples, and oranges of the roof tiles. And, I swear you can feel the warmth of the embers glowing in the fireplace at the Inn. Duskwood is absolutely the star of the show here – chilly and gloomy, bar the torches and lanterns that light the way. “I’d crap my pants if I quested in this version,” said Xenta Atnex in the YouTube comments. “Honestly, every other spider/skeleton/wolf would make me backflip out of my chair,” added Magrior. Fans have praised the build and would love to see new areas interpreted by Daniel L, like Suramar, Azeroth, and Ardenweald. “I love this game so much, this needs to happen in my lifetime. Thanks for doing this, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s art,” summarised Ioan Karamfilov.

DSO Gaming writes that Daniel L does not intend to make the environments public to other players. It’s not the first World of Warcraft fan remake in Unreal 4. Daniel L has been working on WoW remakes in Unreal for years. In 2019 he published an earlier version of Stormwind City. That same year, 3D artist Wiktor Ohman recreated parts of WoW in Unreal 4 and YouTuber recreated Axcel Highbanks.

But anyway, I’m pretty sure that a lot of World of Warcraft fans will appreciate this video. Daniel has recreated four World of Warcraft environments. These are Stormwind City, Goldshire (Lion’s Pride Inn), Duskwood and Grizzly Hills.

For World of Warcraft fans, the Daniel L channel is a nice place to check out some faithfully recreated settings. There’s even a video detailing the creation process of Stormwind City, so if nothing else, it’s one more thing to do while waiting on the release of the WoW Burning Crusade Classic expansion later this year.

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